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Couples Are Getting Engaged At Chili’s For Free Food At Their Wedding

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Couples are getting engaged at Chili’s to receive free Food at their wedding in a new trend sweeping the chain restaurant. By ordering a “Tableside Guacamole” during their visit, couples are given the chance to propose and record the moment on social media tagging #ChilisProposal. If the proposal is accepted, Chili’s offers to cater the couple’s wedding appetizers for free. This quirky promotion by Chili’s has gained attention on social media and has proved to be a creative and affordable catering option for couples.
H2: Introduction

Couples are finding a quirky and budget-friendly way to get engaged while also setting themselves up for a future with free Food. Yes, you read it correctly – free Food. Chili’s, a popular restaurant chain in the United States, is offering couples a chance to get free Food at their wedding if they get engaged at one of their locations. This craze has been spreading like wildfire on social media, with couples sharing their engagement stories and photos with the hashtag #ChilisProposal.

H2: The Offer

The offer at Chili’s is simple – get engaged at one of their locations and the restaurant will provide you with free catering for your wedding. The offer is open to all couples who get engaged at the restaurant starting from February 13, 2020. The package includes a three-course meal for up to 30 guests, which includes appetizers, entrees, and desserts. The offer is valid for weddings taking place within one year of the engagement.

H2: The Impact

The offer has been received positively by many couples across the country. In fact, some couples have specifically chosen to get engaged at Chili’s to take advantage of this opportunity. The offer is beneficial for many couples who are looking to save money on their wedding expenses. With the high cost of wedding catering, this offer by Chili’s is no less than a boon for some.

H2: The Buzz on Social Media

The #ChilisProposal hashtag has been trending on social media, with couples sharing their engagement photos and stories. Many couples have been creative in their engagement proposals, including using the restaurant’s famous onion blooming as a prop. Some couples even recreated their first date at the restaurant, adding a new memory to their love story.

H2: The Response

The offer has been well received by Chili’s patrons, with many couples choosing to take advantage of the deal. This promotion has also helped the restaurant chain gain more visibility and brand awareness. Chili’s aim was to create a memorable experience for their customers, and the promotion has certainly accomplished that.

H2: The Future

While the success of the promotion has not yet been fully measured, we can anticipate that other businesses may try to adopt similar strategies. The success of this promotion shows that many couples are interested in budget-friendly and creative ways to make their wedding day special.

H2: Conclusion

In conclusion, Chili’s offer of free catering in exchange for getting engaged at their restaurant has been a hit among couples looking for creative, budget-friendly ways to plan their wedding. This promotion has created a buzz on social media and has helped increase Chili’s brand awareness. This trend could very well pave the way for other promotions across the industry, seeking to engage with customers in a unique and memorable way. If you’re a couple looking to get engaged, might we suggest that you head to Chili’s for some fun, delicious Food, and maybe even some free wedding catering?


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