Damaged storm pipe floods Cape Coral neighborhood

Damaged storm pipe floods Cape Coral neighborhood

CAPE CORAL, Fla. – Everest Parkway neighbors in Cape Coral opened their doors to flooded streets Tuesday night after a stormwater culvert pipe was damaged.

Wednesday, crews were supposed to be digging along the road for the Caloosahatchee Connect Pipeline Project. Instead, they worked to replace the pipe. Puddles of standing water were slowly draining nearly 24 hours after it rained in the neighborhood.

It’s unclear when the replacement pipe will be installed. Some neighbors hoped it would be soon ahead of as Tropical System that could strike Southwest Florida this weekend.

In the meantime, The City said it will closely monitor the weather. If a system does hit the area, crews will prepare by sandbagging barricades and securing construction equipment on-site as needed. For more information about the Caloosahatchee Connect project, click here.

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