Destructive moles causing headaches for Lehigh Acres residents

Destructive moles causing headaches for Lehigh Acres residents

From the front yard of Olivet Street, the Bower’s yard looks luscious and green. It’s not until you take a trip down the side of the house that you see the remnants of critters.

“You see these runs right here? They start in the corner? See all that?” Neal Bower asked as he showed us around his lawn.

He said he’s lived in his Lehigh Acres home for seven years, and it wasn’t until a few months ago that he noticed moles taking over his yard… or rather under it.

“You can see the condition of my yard, I take pride in it. I mow it myself and I walk, and I groom, I edge, I do everything myself so I know what’s going on on this property,” Bower said.

He’s tried just about every way he can think of to get rid of the pests. He’s even resorting to social media to find help to fix the problem.

“I’ve got the traps out. Some people say put diesel down the runs but to me that’ll kill everything the diesels around. We had someone on Lehigh Community Board say put sticks of juicy fruit in the wrapper down in the mole runs and then they come chew on it and the aluminum kills em.”

So far all the traps have turned up empty. That’s why Bower is switching to insecticide.

“Well it’s not just my house. She’s got em. He’s got em,” Bower said pointing at the houses next to his.

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