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Discover 18 Varieties of Delectable Savory Cakes You Must Be Familiar With

18 Types Of Savory Cakes You Should Know

If you’re looking for a delicious and unique dish to serve at your next gathering or even as a special treat for yourself, savory cakes should definitely be on your radar. These mouthwatering creations combine the classic concept of cakes with savory ingredients, resulting in a delightful culinary experience. From loaded potato cakes to zucchini and cheese cakes, the possibilities are endless when it comes to savory cakes. In this article, we will explore 18 different types of savory cakes that you should know about and try!

1. Crab Cake

Let’s start with a classic – the crab cake. Made with succulent crab meat, breadcrumbs, mayonnaise, and various herbs and spices, these cakes are a true delicacy. They are often pan-fried to achieve a crispy exterior and served with a drizzle of tartar sauce or a squeeze of fresh lemon juice.

2. Quiche

Although technically not a cake in the traditional sense, quiche is a savory baked dish that deserves a place on this list. This French creation features a buttery crust filled with a mixture of eggs, cream, cheese, and various fillings such as bacon, spinach, mushrooms, or ham. It is perfect for brunch or a light lunch.

3. Cornbread

Cornbread is a staple in Southern cuisine and a great alternative to traditional cakes. It is made with cornmeal, flour, eggs, buttermilk, and baking powder. The result is a slightly sweet and dense bread that pairs perfectly with soups, stews, or even on its own as a snack.

4. Potato Pancake

Also known as latkes, potato pancakes are a popular dish in Eastern European cuisine. They are made by shredding potatoes and mixing them with onions, eggs, flour, and seasonings. These cakes are then fried until golden and crispy. Serve them with sour cream or applesauce for a delightful combination of flavors.

5. Vegetable Fritters

Vegetable fritters are a versatile and delicious way to incorporate more veggies into your diet. They can be made with various vegetables, such as zucchini, carrots, or cauliflower, bound together with a batter made from flour and eggs. These fritters are fried until golden and served as a side dish or a tasty snack.

6. Spinach and Feta Cake

This savory cake is bursting with flavor and nutrients. Spinach and feta cheese are combined with eggs, bread crumbs, and herbs to create a moist and flavorful cake that can be served warm or at room temperature. It is a perfect option for brunch or as part of a vegetarian meal.

7. Smoked Salmon and Dill Cake

For seafood lovers, smoked salmon and dill cakes are a must-try. These cakes are made with smoked salmon, fresh dill, cream cheese, and breadcrumbs. They are typically baked or pan-fried until golden, resulting in a savory and decadent treat that is perfect as an appetizer or light meal.

8. Corn and Cheese Pie

Corn and cheese make a winning combination in this delicious pie. A savory cake with a cornmeal crust is filled with a mixture of fresh corn kernels, cheese, eggs, and cream. The pie is then baked until golden and the cheese is melted and bubbly. It is a crowd-pleaser that can be enjoyed as a main dish or a side.

9. Mushroom and Thyme Cake

Mushroom and thyme cake is a delightful option for mushroom lovers. It is made with a mixture of sautéed mushrooms, fresh thyme, eggs, breadcrumbs, and cream. The cake is baked until golden and the flavors of the mushrooms and thyme meld together beautifully. This savory cake is perfect for a cozy dinner or a special occasion.

10. Butternut Squash Cake

Butternut squash cake is a unique and comforting dish. The cake is made with roasted butternut squash, eggs, breadcrumbs, and spices such as cinnamon and nutmeg. The result is a moist and flavorful cake that pairs well with a variety of toppings, from sour cream to caramelized onions.

11. Beef and Guinness Pie

This savory cake is a classic in British cuisine. The rich and hearty filling is made with tender stewed beef, aromatic vegetables, and Guinness stout. The filling is then enclosed in a flaky pastry crust and baked until golden and bubbling. It is the ultimate comfort food.

12. Broccoli Cheddar Cake

Broccoli cheddar cake is a delicious way to enjoy this nutritious vegetable. It combines steamed broccoli florets with cheddar cheese, eggs, flour, and seasonings. The mixture is baked until golden and the cheese is melted, resulting in a savory cake that can be enjoyed as a main dish or a side.

13. Ratatouille Cake

Inspired by the French dish of the same name, ratatouille cake is a flavorful and colorful creation. It features a combination of sautéed eggplant, zucchini, bell peppers, and tomatoes, along with herbs and spices. The vegetable mixture is then layered and baked to perfection. It is a stunning centerpiece for any meal.

14. Chicken and Vegetable Loaf

Chicken and vegetable loaf is a savory cake that incorporates the goodness of chicken and a medley of vegetables. Ground chicken is mixed with grated carrots, onions, breadcrumbs, and eggs. The loaf is baked until firm and golden, resulting in a moist and flavorful dish that can be enjoyed warm or cold.

15. Zucchini and Cheese Cake

Zucchini and cheese cake offers a delightful combination of flavors and textures. Grated zucchini is mixed with cheese, eggs, breadcrumbs, and herbs, then baked until golden and the cheese is melted. This savory cake works well as an appetizer, a side dish, or even as a light vegetarian main course.

16. Sweet Potato and Sage Cake

Sweet potato and sage cake is a perfect option for those who appreciate autumnal flavors. Mashed sweet potatoes are combined with fresh sage, breadcrumbs, eggs, and cream, then baked until golden. The result is a heavenly cake that pairs beautifully with roasted meats or as a vegetarian centerpiece.

17. Tuna and Olive Cake

Tuna and olive cake is a Mediterranean-inspired dish that is bursting with flavor. Canned tuna is mixed with chopped olives, breadcrumbs, eggs, and herbs, then baked until golden and firm. Serve it as a main course or slice it into smaller portions as an appetizer.

18. Mexican Corn Cake

Finally, we have the Mexican corn cake, also known as pastel de elote. This cake is made with fresh corn kernels, cheese, eggs, and some variations even include a hint of spicy chilies. The result is a moist and slightly sweet cake that is perfect as a side dish or a delicious accompaniment to grilled meats or Mexican-inspired dishes.


Savory cakes provide a unique and delicious twist on the traditional concept of cakes. From crab cakes to quiches, vegetable fritters to butternut squash cake, the variety of flavors and ingredients is vast. Each savory cake offers a delightful combination of flavors, textures, and aromas that are sure to impress your taste buds. So, the next time you’re looking to try something new in the kitchen or wow your guests, give one of these savory cakes a try!


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