Documents show no human remains found at site in Downtown Fort Myers

Documents show no human remains found at site in Downtown Fort Myers

FORT MYERS, Fla.  — Fox 4 has obtained new documents that show there were no human remains found on the site where many voiced their concern that it may have used to be a Native American burial ground.

Those documents were presented to the city council Monday night during their meeting and are now officially public record.

“We’re really just relieved at the fact that we finally have that document in our hands,” said Liz Bello-Matthews, Public Information Officer with the city of Fort Myers.

A letter to the city attorney, dated July 18, 2022 from attorneys representing Zimmer Development, shows there were no human remains found at the construction site of a future apartment complex at the corner of Fowler and First Street in Downtown Fort Myers – a letter Bello-Matthews says was the missing link for city leaders and concerned residents.

“I know the community has been interested in taking a look at it and just knowing for sure,” Bello-Matthews said.

Fox 4 has covered this story for weeks, as some raised concerns over what is truly at the site, wanting the projected stopped. Until documents were provided, proving no human remains lied below.

“We’re not preventing the preservation of history or anything along those lines and I think all of us across the board can be relieved,” Bello-Matthews said about the process.

Now looking to the future, the city is considering if they need to put policies in place to make sure historical questions and concerns like this one don’t present themselves so late in the construction process.

While this doesn’t happen often in Fort Myers, “I wouldn’t close the door on that, although there isn’t one specific action item to take right now to take on behalf of the city for this,” Bello-Matthews said.

In the five-page letter to the city attorney, the developers attorneys say any claims of historical or Native American burial grounds are unfounded and construction will continue.

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