Dog swallowed whole by alligator in Naples

Dog swallowed whole by alligator in Naples

NAPLES, Fla. – A dog was attacked and killed by an alligator in Naples Thursday afternoon off Lime Key Lane.

Family members said a man was walking his 3-year-old Lab/Greyhound mix named Abby while riding a scooter when he fell off the scooter.

Abby, reportedly, got loose and went to the bank of a nearby body of water when the alligator attacked her, rescue crews said.

The Greater Naples Fire Department confirmed the alligator ate the entire dog in the incident.

According to the family, the man’s wife was at the store when the incident happened. Her husband was taken to the hospital after injuries from falling from his scooter.

The attack wasn’t the first gator encounter in Collier County Thursday.

A 74-year-old Collier County woman was bit in the leg by a 6-foot gator while gardening earlier in the day, officials said.

No further details were immediately available.

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