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Draft documents creating concerns for transgender students

Lee County Schools offers threat assessment courses
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FORT MYERS, Fla.  — On Thursday, some families said the Lee County School District’s new equity guide proposal, that’s required by law, is creating a dangerous situation for transgender students.

Draft documents obtained by Fox 4, will be presented to the Lee County School Board on July 26.

Concerned parent, Crystal Czyscon, who says she was asked to be on the school boards equity committee said these draft documents have not been shown to board members.

“Debbie Jordan and all of the school board members have not seen these documents,” said Czyscon.

“So I’m not sure what you have seen or what anyone has seen,” said Lee County Board member Debbie Jordan.

Czyscon and Jordan both trying to navigate, requirements from the state’s Parental Bill of Rights.

On Thursday, Czyscon said the soon-to-be-proposed equity guide will in part, ask parents to give information about transgender students.

Jordan said the district equity guide is prompted by the state.

“It is a civil right and equity guide and it is there to guide us to make sure we are following all the federal and state regulations,” said Jordan.

Czyscon said draft documents, titled gender-affirming name request had her calling for unfair treatment of transgender students.

“We have a document that is completely discriminatory it is dangerous and in part of it creates a state registry of gender, no conforming children,” said Czyscon.

A concern I brought to Debbie Jordan.

“By no means is there a register at all,” said Jordan.

Jordan said the equity guide doesn’t ask for information on just transgender students.

“It’s even with our students with disabilities so this equity guide is making sure we are following state and federal mandates,” said Jordan.

Czyscon responded by saying, “who we are, is not a disability. ”

A conversation and reality brought on by the dubbed, Don’t Say Gay Florida law

A requirement that Czyscon said puts school districts in a tough spot.

“There is no way for this to move forward in a way that doesn’t hurt the community,” said Czyscon.

Something Jordan said board members will be taking a hard look at when presented at their next meeting.

“For us to go through everything and see if there is something else that we can improve or not. There is nothing, nothing is in stone,” said Jordan.

On Thursday, these draft documents are exactly that, just a draft, and board members will decide whether they shall be adopted at next Tuesday’s meeting.

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