Drivers mow down ducks in Lehigh Acres neighborhood

Drivers mow down ducks in Lehigh Acres neighborhood

LEE COUNTY, Fla — More duck drama is enveloping one Lehigh Acres neighborhood after residents there said multiple Muscovy ducks were run over and killed by cars as they tried crossing the street. 

At least six ducks were left a mangled mess after it appeared they were hit by a car in the middle of the road on Seaton Avenue near Homestead Road in Lehigh Acres early Sunday morning. 

Monique Phlipot, a Lehigh Acres resident, ran down the street from her house after her daughter told her about the piles of feathers flattened into the road.

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“My daughter showed up and told me, we got another massacre down the street,” Phlipot said. 

Phlipot said other ducks were hit and killed crossing the street in July, but this was the worst she’s seen. 

“They were pretty mangled this time. I wanted the police to see them and I kind of wanted the people in the neighborhood to pass it today,” Phlipot said. 

She called the police and took one of the injured ducks to her backyard. 

Muscovy ducks are considered an invasive species in Florida, according to the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission. 

Regardless of their reputation, Phlipot said she wants people in her neighborhood to slow down and wait for the ducks to cross the road. 

“Just slow down people, you know? Even if you don’t like them, they probably don’t like you either,” Phlipot said. 

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