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Dunbar High School student wins second Microsoft National Championship

Dunbar High School student wins second Microsoft National Championship
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LEE COUNTY, Fla. — Dunbar High School student Andrew Chuang Saladin won his second Microsoft Office Specialist U.S. National Championship in Microsoft Excel Office 2016.

In 2021, Saladin was the state, national, and world champion for PowerPoint 2019. He is Dunbar’s seventh national champion and the first to win the national title twice.

“I am grateful that I was given this opportunity to travel, have fun, and compete for something I am passionate about. Of course, the prizes are appealing but above all, being chosen to represent my school and build on its legacy is something really special for me. My thanks go to my school, Dunbar High, for providing me with various opportunities and supportive mentors and friends. The teachers, faculty, and principal here have a reputation for uplifting every student in whatever track they pursue. I hope to inspire others to expand upon their interests and achieve their goals.”


The Microsoft Office Specialist National Online Championship tests students on Microsoft Office Word, Excel, and PowerPoint skills.

At the competition, the state champions and finalists were given a printed copy of a document, spreadsheet, or presentation to recreate with printed and digital instructions. Students’ scores were based on how well they recreated the original document.

“I want to reinforce how Dunbar’s technology students’ performance in technology competitions has reached historic levels and is truly a dynasty. Consequently, any highly skilled technology student in Lee County should not miss this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to enroll in this globally recognized program. We are just so proud of Andrew for having the extremely rare opportunity to capture another world championship and represent the United States, but also for Carson, Jaansi, and Isabel representing not just Dunbar but also Lee County.”

Dunbar High School Principal Carl Burnside

Saladin has qualified for the 2022 Microsoft World Championships which will take place at the end of July in Dallas, Texas.

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