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Eric Bieniemy explains decision to part ways with the Commanders

Why Eric Bieniemy Decided Not to Stay with the Commanders

Throughout the world of professional football, Eric Bieniemy is a name that carries weight and respect. With an impressive track record and a strong reputation, Bieniemy has become one of the most sought-after individuals in the sport. Recently, there has been considerable speculation about his decision to not stay with the Commanders, a move that has surprised many in the football community. In this article, we will explore the reasons behind Bieniemy’s choice, shedding light on his mindset and providing insight into his future plans.

The Commanders’ Offer

When the San Antonio Commanders, a team in the newly formed Alliance of American Football (AAF) league, approached Bieniemy with an offer to join their coaching staff, it seemed like an enticing opportunity. The team was eager to secure the services of the former Kansas City Chiefs offensive coordinator, recognizing his vast knowledge and experience in the game. However, despite the flattering offer, Bieniemy decided to decline the position.

An Eye on the NFL

One of the key reasons for Bieniemy’s decision to turn down the Commanders’ offer is his ambition to return to the National Football League (NFL). After enjoying considerable success as the Chiefs’ offensive coordinator, Bieniemy is actively seeking a head coaching position in the NFL. While the AAF presents an intriguing platform for up-and-coming coaching talent, it is unlikely to offer the same level of exposure and opportunity that the NFL does.

A Desire for Growth and Challenge

Another factor influencing Bieniemy’s decision is his desire for personal growth and a new challenge. As an experienced coach, Bieniemy is constantly seeking ways to expand his repertoire and improve his coaching skills. By staying within the confines of the familiar, he may miss out on the chance to test himself in different environments and face new coaching hurdles. This thirst for growth is what propels Bieniemy to explore opportunities beyond the AAF.

The Importance of Networking

Furthermore, Bieniemy’s choice demonstrates the significance he places on networking within the football industry. While the AAF is an exciting venture with the potential for success, it does not offer the same level of exposure and connections that the NFL does. By staying connected to the NFL and its coaching circles, Bieniemy keeps his name in the conversation for future head coaching positions. The benefits of networking cannot be underestimated, and Bieniemy recognizes the importance of continually fostering relationships within the NFL.

Strategic Career Moves

It is also worth considering the strategic aspect of Bieniemy’s decision. By declining the Commanders’ offer, he may be positioning himself for future coaching opportunities that align more closely with his career goals. Bieniemy has demonstrated through his past decisions that he is methodical and deliberate in his career choices. This move is likely part of a larger plan to place himself in the best possible position to achieve his ultimate goal of becoming a head coach in the NFL.

The Commanders’ Reaction

While Bieniemy’s decision may have surprised the Commanders initially, they understand and respect his choice. They remain grateful for the time they spent discussing a potential partnership and wish him the best in his future endeavors. The Commanders’ organization recognizes that Bieniemy’s ambitions are focused on the NFL, and they are confident that he will find success in pursuing his dreams.

Impact on the Commanders

Although the Commanders may have missed out on the opportunity to have Bieniemy on their coaching staff, they understand that his decision is not a reflection of their organization or the potential of the AAF. They remain committed to building a strong team and are looking forward to an exciting inaugural season in the league. While Bieniemy would have undoubtedly brought a wealth of knowledge and experience to the Commanders, they are confident in their ability to find other talented coaches who are eager to contribute to their success.


Eric Bieniemy’s decision to not stay with the Commanders reflects a strategic and ambitious mindset. His desire for growth, the importance of networking, and his ultimate goal of becoming an NFL head coach have all played a part in shaping his career decisions. While the AAF offers a unique platform for coaching talent, Bieniemy remains focused on taking advantage of opportunities in the NFL. As he continues to chart his path, it will be interesting to see where his career takes him and what impact he will make in the football world.


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