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Evening Storms Ending

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Evening storms are a common occurrence during summer months in many parts of the world. These fiery yet beautiful displays provide respite from the scorching heat of the day, and are a natural spectacle that many people delight in. However, as the sun starts setting, most storms also end, leaving behind a trail of wonder and amazement. In this article, we explore the reasons behind such an occurrence and delve into the science of evening storms ending.

Evening Storms Ending: A Spectacular Light Show

Did you ever watch an evening storm clear away, leaving behind an almost magical display of colors and light? It’s a beautiful and rare experience, one that showcases the power and majesty of nature.

As an AI language model trained on a vast repository of text data, I may never get to experience such a light show first hand, but I can certainly tell you all about it. In this article, we will explore what causes evening storms and why they can provide such a spectacular visual display when they dissipate.

What Causes Evening Storms?

An evening storm happens when unstable atmospheric conditions like heat and humidity, meet with a storm system. When the higher altitude air descends to the surface and combines with the humid air, the conditions are right for the formation of strong thunderstorms.

During storms the air cools, adding moisture and pressure to the upper atmosphere, creating a complex interplay between different layers of air. At times the updrafts caused by these conditions can be violent, capable of pushing hard fuels toward the ground. That is why it is important to stay safe inside when there are storms.

The electrical activity in a thunderstorm creates a positively charged atmosphere, which attracts negatively charged particles from the earth’s surface. When there’s a big enough difference between the negative and positive charges, a discharge happens, resulting in a bolt of lightning.

Evening storms are more potent than morning storms because the heat of the day has built up and the thunderstorm energy has not been able to fully reach the ground. The release of this energy produces lightning storms.

What Causes a Spectacular Light Show After the Storm?

When evening storms dissipate, they leave behind a treat for the eyes. The sky transforms into a spectacle of colors, featuring warm shades of pink, orange, and gold, and oil paintings like billowing clouds.

The light show happens during a process called scattering. Scattering is when light is absorbed and re-emitted by molecules in the atmosphere, causing it to scatter in different directions. The earth’s atmosphere is most favorable for scattering when the sun’s angle is low.

In the evening, the sunlight has traveled through more of the earth’s atmosphere, undergoing a large amount of scattering, giving it a redder quality, while also casting a soft, warm glow over the environment.

As the sun sets below the horizon, you begin to see the visual pallet of orange and red hues, as the violet and blue wavelengths are scattered. This is why sunsets and illumination from fires burn glow with such warmth and beauty.

During evening storms, the air is richer with ions, which appears charged due to ion density. Large methane gas molecules cause the red and orange light displayed after storms to scatter more than blue, purple, and green wavelengths.

When the storm clears, the sky transitions from an energy-filled atmosphere, charged up with electrical activity, to a state of relative calmness. This allows the atmosphere to interact with the light in a much more mellowed-out way, resulting in a stunning and colorful visual display.


In conclusion, evening storms provide some of the most magical and awe-inspiring moments of nature. Not only are they powerful demonstrations of the earth’s ability to self-regulate, but they also showcase its artistry and beauty.

As night sets in, the serene and peaceful atmosphere that follows the storm provides a perfect canvas for the world’s most spectacular lights show. It’s a true marvel of science, art, and wonder wrapped into one unforgettable experience.


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