Everblades and Panthers excited about affiliation

Everblades and Panthers excited about affiliation

LEE COUNTY, Fla. — This year is a season that will go down in history for the Florida Everblades, but it’s what’s taking place off the ice, that’s got the front office excited as well.

“This is a Panthers market as far as the NHL is concerned,” said Craig Bursh.

Brush said a newly-announced partnership between the two teams could go a long way.

“Both teams have expressed interest in the communities that they’re in. You know it’s only 100 miles across the alley,” said Brush. “So we’re hoping that some of their fans will come over and see the prospects, and some of our fans will go over and watch some panther games.“

“It’s the combined synergy of two great Florida teams working together, said Bill Zito. “And now our resources will be available to the Everblades and vice versa. It’s going to make both of us better.“

So you as a fan are probably wondering, ‘Why should I be excited?’

“To be able to expand the footprint and grow our sport,” said Zito. “There’s interaction and collaboration on so many different levels that it’s going to make both of us better.”

And hopefully, we’ll get the chance to see a few former Everblades make their way to Miami.

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