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F1: Gasly believes ‘double points’ are achievable for Alpine at Jeddah


Pierre Gasly, the French racing driver, is confident that his team, Alpine, can earn “double points” at the upcoming Jeddah circuit in Saudi Arabia. In his interview with Formula 1, Gasly shared his excitement about the technical challenges of the new street circuit and believes that with the right strategy and optimized car setup, Alpine can score significant points in the upcoming race. This article explores Gasly’s views and the performance of the team as they approach the highly anticipated race.

Gasly Believes ‘Double Points’ Are Achievable for Alpine at Jeddah

The Formula One season is about to reach its climax with the Jeddah Grand Prix, and AlphaTauri driver Pierre Gasly believes that his team, along with Alpine, have the potential to secure double points at the event.

The Jeddah Circuit

This year’s Jeddah Grand Prix is set to take place on a brand new state-of-the-art circuit in Saudi Arabia, and will be the penultimate race of the season. The circuit boasts of a whopping 27 corners, making it the fastest and most technical track on the F1 calendar, promising plenty of action and excitement throughout the weekend.

Alpine’s Chances of Scoring Big Points

Alpine has been a force to reckon with this season, and despite the lack of consistency, the team has shown glimpses of its potential on numerous occasions. With a mix of high-speed and technical sections, the Jeddah Circuit could suit Alpine’s strengths, and given that the team has been making steady progress, it could well be poised to score big points come race day.

The Gasly Factor

Pierre Gasly, who’s been in fine form this season, has also been bullish about his and the team’s chances at Jeddah. The Frenchman has been on top of his game, finishing in the top ten in seven of the last eight races, and his confidence and experience could be a valuable asset to Alpine in the race to the chequered flag. With his aggressive style, Gasly could well be a force to reckon with at Jeddah, especially considering the fact that overtaking could be a challenge on the new circuit.

The Importance of Double Points

The Jeddah race could prove to be a crucial one for both AlphaTauri and Alpine, as it could play a pivotal role in determining their final standings in the Constructors’ Championship. With only two races left in the season after Jeddah, every point counts, and the double points system in the Abu Dhabi finale could prove to be a game-changer.

For both teams, securing a double points finish would be a significant achievement, not only from a results perspective but also in terms of boosting team morale and confidence heading into the final stages of the season.


The Jeddah Grand Prix promises to be a thrilling spectacle, and with Alpine and AlphaTauri aiming to secure double points, it could well be a nail-biting affair. The new circuit could throw up several surprises, and it would be fascinating to see how the teams and drivers adapt to the challenging conditions.

With the likes of Hamilton, Verstappen, and Ricciardo in the mix, the Jeddah Grand Prix is set to be a race to remember, and with Alpine and AlphaTauri in contention to score big points, it promises to be a crucial weekend in the race for the Constructors’ Championship.


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