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Florida Homeowners Prepare for Insurance Rate Hike of up to 40%

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nbc2 florida homeowners 40.png

Florida Homeowners Brace for 40% Increase in Insurance Rates

Florida homeowners are bracing for a substantial increase in their insurance rates, up to 40% in some cases. This increase has been proposed by the state’s insurance regulator to account for the rise in hurricane damage claims and legal fees. The proposed increase has left many homeowners concerned about their ability to afford the cost of homeowners’ insurance in Florida.

Why Are Florida Homeowners Seeing such an Increase in their Insurance Rates?

The primary reason for this increase in insurance rates is due to the growing number of hurricanes that have hit Florida in recent years. Hurricane Irma, which hit the state in 2017, was one of the costliest hurricanes in U.S. history, causing nearly $65 billion in damage. Since then, Florida has seen a record number of insurance claims, as homeowners file claims for hurricane damage to their homes. Additionally, the cost of legal fees has also significantly increased, with attorneys often taking a large percentage of homeowners’ insurance payouts, driving up the cost of claims.

What Does this Mean for Florida Homeowners?

The proposed increase in insurance rates means that homeowners in Florida may have to pay substantially more for their insurance policies. This can be particularly challenging for homeowners who are already facing financial difficulties due to the economic impact of the COVID-19 pandemic. For those who live in areas that are particularly vulnerable to hurricanes and other natural disasters, the higher insurance rates may make it difficult or impossible to afford the protection they need.

What Can Homeowners Do to Prepare?

To prepare for the potential increase in insurance rates, Florida homeowners should review their insurance policies and ensure they have the coverage they need. They should also consider taking steps to protect their homes from hurricane damage, such as installing shutters and reinforcing their roofs. Additionally, homeowners may want to explore alternative insurance options, such as bundling their homeowners’ insurance with their auto insurance, or working with independent insurance agents who can help them find more affordable coverage.

Are There Any Solutions Being Proposed?

The proposed increase in insurance rates has sparked a debate in Florida about the best ways to address the state’s growing insurance crisis. Some lawmakers have proposed legislation that would limit the amount of money that attorneys can take from homeowners’ insurance payouts, while others have called for increased investment in infrastructure and other programs to protect homes and businesses from hurricane damage. However, none of these proposals are likely to have an immediate impact on homeowners’ insurance rates.


In conclusion, Florida homeowners are facing a significant increase in their insurance rates as a result of the growing number of hurricanes that have hit the state in recent years. This increase in rates will make it more difficult for homeowners to afford the insurance coverage they need to protect their homes from hurricane damage. While there are no easy solutions to the insurance crisis in Florida, homeowners can prepare for the potential increase in rates by reviewing their policies, taking steps to protect their homes, and exploring alternative insurance options. Ultimately, it will be up to lawmakers to address the root causes of the growing insurance crisis and find ways to provide Florida homeowners with the protection they need at a price they can afford.


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