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Florida leads in child drownings; here are some resources for swim lessons

Florida leads in child drownings; here are some resources for swim lessons
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CAPE CORAL, Fla.  — A state that ranks the highest when it comes to having the largest mount of water also leads the nation with the highest amount of children drownings.

According to Florida Department of Children and Families, Florida loses more children under the age of 5 to drowning than any other state.

“With our in-laws living on the water, we….we… we’re not afraid that something is going to happen but this certainly makes us less afraid,” said Lukas Welling, a father of two young boys. “With our in-laws living on the water near one of the Cape Coral canals, we wanted to make sure that our boys have the skills that they need if they were put into a situation—a dangerous situation they would be able to get out of it. And we would be less concerned.”

That concern is what many parents are faced with when taking their child out on the water. However, to settle that uneasiness, the CDC stated that swim lessons and water safety knowledge is the number one way to prevent child drowning.

Christina Walch who us a swim instructor and lifeguard instructor told Fox 4 that many parents who have children who attend her class usually have the same concerns.

“Having the fear of like ‘oh no, what if something happens. What if they don’t put a life jacket on, what if they fall in?,” Walch explained. “When you teach them how to swim, it’s just one more thing you are preventing and you can check off your list to keep them safe. Also, you don’t know what they are going to do at a friend’s house. So you should always have them prepared.”

Walch added that swim lessons are more than just showing children how to swim while having fun.

“They are learning how to put a life jacket on, how to help their friends if they are drowning, how to call 911, how to tread water,” Walch said.

Walch also said if a person sees someone drowning, to “reach or throw, don’t go.” Meaning, instead of jumping in the water, use a tube, pool noodle, or a towel to pull them back in. She said if a person jumps in they are putting their life at risk of drowning as well.

Here is a list of a few swim classes across Southwest Florida:

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