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Florida's legislative session renews Disney vs. DeSantis battle

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The battle continues between Disney and Florida Governor Ron DeSantis over key political issues as the state’s legislative session heats up. In recent years, the two have clashed on topics ranging from tax breaks to COVID-19 regulations. The most recent point of contention involves a proposed ban on vaccine passports, which Disney has reportedly opposed. The outcome of this ongoing feud could have far-reaching implications for the state’s tourism industry, which is heavily tied to Disney’s massive theme parks.


The battle between Disney and Florida governor Ron DeSantis has been reignited as the state’s legislative session is underway. Both parties are lobbying for different bills, and tensions are high between the two. With Disney being one of Florida’s biggest businesses and a significant contributor to the state’s economy, the outcome of this conflict could have a significant impact on Florida’s future.

The Background

Disney and the governor have been at odds for a while now. Back in 2020, Disney World closed its gates for months due to the COVID-19 pandemic. During that time, DeSantis was pressing to reopen the state in all sectors, including theme parks, despite warnings from public health officials.

When Disney World finally reopened in July 2020, they implemented strict safety measures, including social distancing, mask-wearing, and limited capacity. However, since the reopening, Disney and DeSantis’ conflict has continued over different bills.

The Current Situation

One contentious issue between Disney and DeSantis is the governor’s decision to scrap Enterprise Florida and Visit Florida, the state’s economic development and tourism marketing agencies, respectively. DeSantis believes that these agencies are a waste of money and argued that the private sector should take over their role in tourism marketing.

Disney, on the other hand, has its own marketing division, focused on promoting its resorts and theme parks. They are opposing DeSantis’ decision, stating that the state needs better marketing to compete with other destinations and suggesting that Visit Florida could play a role in the promotion of the state as a whole.

Another issue between the two is the recent legislation regarding the use of vaccines. DeSantis signed a bill banning businesses from requiring proof of vaccination from customers. Although it was not targeted specifically at Disney, the bill creates a conflict for the theme park, whose employees are already required to be vaccinated.

Disney is arguing that the vaccine requirement is necessary to ensure the safety of its guests and employees. They are also pushing for a new law allowing them to run their own vaccination programs, seeking a way to bypass the new Florida law.

The Outcome

The battle between Disney and DeSantis is likely to continue. However, the outcome could significantly impact not only the two parties but also the state of Florida as a whole. Any legislation that harms Disney’s ability to draw visitors could be detrimental to Florida’s economy.

There is also the question of how much power Disney wields in Florida. The company’s influence in state politics has been a contentious issue for years, and some fear that Disney’s lobbying could undermine the democratic process.

The Conclusion

The Disney vs. DeSantis battle is ongoing, and there is no clear winner yet. However, it is essential to remember that both parties have a vested interest in Florida’s economy. Disney is a significant contributor to the state’s budget, while DeSantis is keen on promoting private enterprise and limiting unnecessary government spending.

The outcome of this conflict could affect not only the state’s economy but also its democratic process. It’ll be interesting to see how Florida’s legislative session unfolds and how the state’s political landscape changes as a result of this conflict.


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