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For a limited time, disaster preparedness supplies will be tax-free.

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Disaster Preparedness Supplies Tax-Free for Limited Time

Disaster preparedness supplies are essential for any household looking to stay safe in times of emergencies such as natural calamities. With the recent increase in natural disasters such as hurricanes, wildfires, storms and earthquakes, it is important for everyone to be equipped with the necessary tools and equipment to deal with such emergencies. The state of Louisiana has taken the initiative to encourage locals in being better prepared by offering a tax-exempt status on these supplies, which is effective for a limited time. This article will explore all you need to know about this tax-exempt status, why it is important and how to take advantage of it to ensure your safety as well as that of your loved ones during an emergency.

What is Disaster Preparedness Supplies Tax-Free?

Disaster preparedness supplies tax-free is a program that has been implemented by the state of Louisiana. It allows residents to purchase certain items that are deemed essential in times of emergencies without paying taxes on them. The idea behind the program is to encourage households to be better prepared for any possible disasters by making it easier and more affordable to acquire items that they need in an emergency. These items include portable generators, batteries, flashlights, helmets, and other items that are crucial for staying safe during a natural disaster.

Why is Disaster Preparedness Supplies Tax-Free Important?

Disasters such as hurricanes, storms, wildfires, and earthquakes have become more frequent in recent years. Being prepared for such a calamity can save lives and reduce the negative impact it can have on a community. By having the necessary supplies and equipment in place, households can withstand the difficulties that come with such an emergency. However, purchasing these supplies can be costly, and in some cases unaffordable for some families. Therefore, the tax-exempt status on these items makes it easier for households to access them, be better prepared, and ultimately, more resilient in times of disaster.

What Items Qualify for Tax Exemption?

Not all disaster preparedness supplies are eligible for tax exemption. The following items do indeed qualify, and include:

  • Portable generators
  • Flashlights
  • Battery-powered radios
  • Battery-powered cooling devices, such as ice packs or coolers
  • Tarpaulins or other waterproof sheeting
  • Ground anchor systems, straps, and tie-down kits
  • Non-electric food storage coolers
  • Carbon monoxide detectors and smoke detectors

These are just some of the eligible items that can be purchased under tax exemption. However, it is essential to check your store’s policies and the complete list of approved items before making a purchase.

How to Take Advantage of Disaster Preparedness Supplies Tax-Free?

Residents of Louisiana have a limited period to take advantage of the disaster preparedness tax-exempt status. The tax exemption program runs through Sunday, May 30, 2021, meaning residents of the state of Louisiana can purchase eligible disaster preparedness supplies tax-free for this period only. Therefore, it is essential to act quickly, and prepare your emergency kit before disaster strikes.

To purchase eligible items under tax exemption, you should start by checking with your local stores, both online and physical. Online stores such as Amazon and Best Buy also have a range of eligible items that you can purchase without paying taxes. However, it is necessary to verify the approval of items before making a purchase.

The Importance of Having a Disaster Plan in Place

While having disaster preparedness supplies is crucial, it is also important to have a disaster plan. This plan should include details on what to do during an emergency, roles and responsibilities of each family member, and a communication plan. Having a plan in place can help reduce panic during an emergency as everyone knows exactly what to do. It may also help save lives should the situation turn dire.


Disaster preparedness supplies tax-free is an excellent initiative by the state of Louisiana to encourage households to be better equipped for natural disasters. While it is essential to have disaster preparedness supplies on hand, it is equally important to have a disaster plan in place. By having the necessary supplies and being adequately prepared, households can reduce the negative impact of natural disasters on their communities. Act quickly and purchase all the necessary disaster preparedness supplies by the end of this tax-exempt status period on May 30th, and be better prepared for any emergency that may come your way.


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