Fort Myers Fire Department adds 30 new firefighters

Fort Myers Fire Department adds 30 new firefighters

FORT MYERS, Fla. — As the City of Fort Myers continues to grow with more developments and new residents, the fire department is growing as well.

“Our city has grown immensely. It has had some beautiful, smart developments,” Tracy McMillion, Fort Myers Fire Chief said.

McMillion said the fire department is preparing as changes impact the city with more growth. He said adding 30 new firefighters will help stay on top of those changes.

“With this smart development, you always have to have the services and resources. Our city’s population is growing, and roads are a little bit busier,” McMillion said. “There’s more of an impact.”

He said the new firefighters have been through vigorous training in order to be able to serve Fort Myers better.

“Having another 30 firefighters allows us to actually staff appropriately to offer the services to our city in a much greater way,” McMillion said.

The city’s budget for the fiscal year adds 32 positions for the fire department – this means 2 more management roles, along with the 30 new firefighters. Their main goal is to improve response times.

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