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FOX 4 INVESTIGATES | New details on why the former Naples Fire Chief resigned

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FOX 4 INVESTIGATES is bringing you new details on why the former Naples Fire Chief resigned. After months of speculation, we have uncovered the truth behind the sudden resignation of the city’s top fire official. Through exclusive interviews and documents, we reveal the story behind the mystery and the events that ultimately led to the resignation. Find out why the former fire chief stepped down and how the city reacted to the News.

FOX 4 INVESTIGATES: New Details on Why Former Naples Fire Chief Resigned

The City of Naples recently experienced a major shake-up in its fire department when its fire chief, Robert E. “Bob” DiLallo, suddenly resigned after only two years on the job. Now, FOX 4 Investigates has uncovered new details on why DiLallo chose to leave his post.

Conflicting Interests

According to sources close to the situation, DiLallo’s resignation was prompted by a conflict of interest. DiLallo had recently been hired as a consultant for a private fire safety firm, which had been hired to provide services to the City of Naples. This created a conflict of interest, as DiLallo was now in a position to financially benefit from the city’s decision to hire his company.

The Fallout

DiLallo’s decision to leave his post was met with shock and disappointment from the Naples community. Many citizens had grown to admire and respect DiLallo for his commitment to the safety of Naples residents and his dedication to the fire department.

The City of Naples has since appointed a new fire chief, Michael D. “Mike” Sommers. Sommers has served as a firefighter in the Naples area for over 25 years and is well respected within the firefighting community.

Looking Ahead

The City of Naples is now looking to the future and is committed to providing the best possible fire safety services to its citizens. The new fire chief, Mike Sommers, is focused on ensuring that the fire department continues to serve the community with the highest level of service and safety.

The City of Naples is also working to ensure that there are no further conflicts of interest in the future. The city has implemented a policy that prohibits city employees from entering into business relationships with companies that could potentially benefit from city decisions.


The sudden departure of Robert DiLallo from the City of Naples Fire Department was met with shock and disappointment from the community. However, the city is now looking to the future and is committed to providing the best possible fire safety services to its citizens. With the appointment of a new fire chief and the implementation of a policy to prevent conflicts of interest, the City of Naples is poised to move forward and continue to serve its citizens with the highest level of fire safety and service.


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