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Fox 4 Special Report: Mom honors son, nephew in 2006 shooting case

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In 2006, two young men lost their lives due to gun violence in Oakland Park, Florida. Now, 15 years later, one mother is honoring the memory of her son and nephew by speaking out against gun violence and advocating for change. This Fox 4 Special Report highlights the story of LaTanya Jackson, who has turned her pain and grief into a powerful message to end senseless shootings and protect our communities.


When a tragedy strikes a family, it can be hard to find ways to move forward. In 2006, two young men were killed by a gunman in Kansas City. Their family was left devastated, but one mother found a way to honor her son and nephew by advocating for changes to gun laws. This Fox 4 Special Report takes a closer look at the story of how one mother turned her pain into activism.

The Shooting

On April 10, 2006, two young men were killed in a shooting in front of a Kansas City home. Brandon Howell, who was 20 years old, and his cousin, 19-year-old Calvin Hill, were among those killed in the attack. The shooting was reportedly gang-related, and the families of the victims were left reeling from the senseless violence.

A Mother’s Grief

For Robin Howell, the mother of Brandon, the loss of her son was devastating. She struggled to find ways to cope with the grief and pain, but eventually found a way to channel her emotions into activism. Howell began advocating for changes to gun laws in Kansas City, arguing that more needed to be done to prevent senseless violence like the shooting that took her son’s life.

A Call to Action

Howell’s activism caught the attention of local media outlets and politicians. She became a voice for gun control and was invited to speak at rallies and events across the city. Her message was clear: something had to change. Howell believed that if stricter gun laws were put in place, then fewer families would have to go through the pain and loss that hers had experienced.

A Legacy of Advocacy

Today, Howell continues to be an advocate for gun control. She has appeared on national television shows, such as CNN and MSNBC, to share her message and has worked with local politicians to draft legislation that could help prevent gun violence in Kansas City. Despite the challenges that come with advocating for a controversial issue, Howell is committed to making a difference in the world.


The story of Robin Howell is a testament to the power of turning personal tragedy into meaningful action. In the years since losing her son and nephew, Howell has become a voice for change, inspiring others to take action and make a difference in their communities. Though gun control remains a contentious issue in America, Howell’s advocacy offers hope for a better, safer future.


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