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Free digital skills training program helps remove barriers

Free digital skills training program helps remove barriers
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BONITA SPRINGS, FLA — A new program is now available to help those facing economic hardships due to a lack of digital and technical skills.

The Bonita Springs Goodwill Community Resource Center has launched a digital skills training program.

“Technology has really forced people to have to learn how to use computers now in order for them to function,” Debra Donatto, Director of Communications of Goodwill’s Industries of Southwest Florida, said.

Donatto said they are working to address a digital gap that occurs in their Community Resource Centers.

“People not only need help with finding jobs but they’re also needing support and other areas,” Donatto said.

She said many people lack computer skills when applying for jobs or looking for assistance.

“To apply for anything now it’s all online,” Donatto said. “So if people don’t have computer skills they’re really left behind.”

She said the digital skills training program helps people gain more independence and reduce visits to their Community Resource Centers.

“Teaching them Computer skills so they can do it on their own so they don’t need to come to the Community Resource Center on an ongoing basis to get assistance,” Donatto said. “ They can do those things on their own.”

If you need help with digital assistance, they recommend you to enroll in their free program.

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