function of beauty Delivers Truly Custom Hair Care

function of beauty Delivers Truly Custom Hair Care

What works for thin hair doesn’t work for thick hair. Straight hair will require a different product to curly. You should treat oily hair differently to dry. And let’s not even get started on dyed or virgin! function of beauty develops custom bottles ofYou can choose shampoo and conditioner depending on what you want.

This short quiz will help you get started. You’ll be asked about your hair type and history, as well as what your most important results would be (fixing split ends, moisturizing, reducing frizz, etc.). Then the fun part: pick your scent (or go unscented), how strong you’d like it, what color you want your products, and customize your bottle. You will be amazed at the results. The result? of your life.

If you’re in love with your made-for-you products, a monthly subscription ensures you’re always in stock (and gives you a healthy discount on deliveries). For a unique scent that may even be mistaken for peaches, you can use the chosen scent in body lotions and shampoos. New customers are eligible for 20% discount on large shampoos and conditioner sets. Take the quiz now!

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