Get Ready for Your Reunion Watch Party with the Love Is Blind Season 6 Drinking Game

The Love Is Blind Season 6 Drinking Game For Your Reunion Watch Party

Are you a fan of the hit reality TV show, Love Is Blind? Are you eagerly awaiting the Season 6 reunion? Well, why not make the most of it by throwing a watch party with your friends? To make the event even more exciting, we have come up with a fun drinking game that will add some extra entertainment to your evening. Gather your favorite beverages, invite your friends over, and get ready for a night filled with laughter and good times!

1. Take a Sip Every Time Someone Mentions Their “Journey”

One of the most commonly used terms on Love Is Blind is “journey.” Whether it’s a contestant talking about their personal growth or the host referencing the couples’ experience on the show, this word is bound to come up multiple times during the reunion. So, every time someone says “journey,” take a sip of your chosen beverage. Be warned, though, you might get quite a buzz by the end of the night!

2. Drink Whenever Someone Throws Shade at Another Couple

No reality TV show is complete without a little drama, and Love Is Blind definitely has its fair share of it. From fiery arguments to subtle eye rolls, the reunion is bound to be filled with shade being thrown between the couples. Whenever one person makes a sassy comment or throws shade at another couple, take a drink to revel in the dramatic energy.

3. Take a Shot Every Time Someone Cries

Love Is Blind can be an emotional rollercoaster, and tearful moments are not uncommon throughout the series. From heart-wrenching breakup scenes to heartwarming reunion moments, there will definitely be some tears shed during the Season 6 reunion. Whenever someone cries, take a shot to show your empathy and support for their emotional journey.

4. Chug Your Drink if Someone Proposes (Again!)

Love Is Blind is all about love and finding your happily ever after. So, it wouldn’t be surprising if some of the couples decide to take their relationships to the next level during the Season 6 reunion. If someone gets down on one knee and proposes to their partner (again!), grab your drink and chug it for a celebratory moment.

5. Take a Sip Every Time a Contestant Drops a Catchphrase

Love Is Blind has given us some iconic catchphrases over the seasons. From “I deserve love” to “I’m here for the right reasons,” the contestants are known for their memorable one-liners. So, whenever someone drops a catchphrase during the reunion, take a sip and appreciate the show’s unique brand of reality TV humor.

6. Drink Whenever the Host, Nick Lachey, Pokes Fun at the Contestants

Let’s face it, the reunion episodes wouldn’t be the same without some humorous commentary from the host, Nick Lachey. Known for his charming wit, Nick often finds himself poking fun at the contestants in a light-hearted manner. Whenever Nick delivers a funny comment or joke at someone’s expense, take a drink and join in the laughter.

And there you have it! The Love Is Blind Season 6 Drinking Game for your reunion watch party. Remember to drink responsibly and ensure everyone in the party is of legal drinking age. So, get ready for a night packed with drama, tears, laughter, and, of course, love. Cheers!


The Love Is Blind Season 6 Drinking Game is the perfect addition to your reunion watch party. With sips for catchphrases, shots for tears, and chugs for proposals, this game will keep the energy high and the laughs flowing. Just remember to drink responsibly and have a great time with your friends. So, gather your beverages, invite your pals, and get ready for an unforgettable night celebrating love, drama, and everything in between!


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