Governor Ron DeSantis signs School Safety Bill

Governor Ron DeSantis signs School Safety Bill

LEE COUNTY, Fla. — Governor Ron DeSantis signed HB-1421 into legislation.

Otherwise known as the School Safety bill.

This will now allow for things like training for sworn-in and non-sworn-in school officers.

This will also give the state ED commissioner power to enhance school safety standards and extends the M-S-D commission until 2026.

What was different about this bill was that Governor Ron Desantis signed this bill behind closed doors and then sent out a press release soon after.

He said quote, “Every child needs a safe and secure learning environment.”

Parents of Parkland victims have now secured 5 consecutive years of school safety reform.

And they said this bil is another step in the right direction.

“The only way we can protect our children and our teachers at school is by coming together and actually looking for solutions,” said Tony Montalto. “We’ve done that here in Florida.”

A handful of lawmakers have called for universal background checks and expanded red flag laws.

They’ve also condemned the governor for vowing to sign a constitutional carry bill before he leaves office.

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