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Governor Ron DeSantis signs the ‘Live Local Act’

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Florida Governor Ron DeSantis has recently signed the Live Local Act, a bill aimed at promoting local businesses throughout the state. The new law establishes a website where municipalities and counties can promote their local businesses, making it easier for consumers to find and support them. The initiative reflects a growing trend across the country that encourages residents and visitors to buy local, generating economic growth and fostering community development. This act is expected to have a positive impact on Florida’s small businesses, particularly in the wake of the pandemic.

Governor Ron DeSantis signs the ‘Live Local Act’

Governor Ron DeSantis of Florida on June 18, 2021, signed into law the ‘Live Local Act,’ which is aimed at giving local farmers, fishermen, and other producers of agricultural products more direct access to Florida consumers, ultimately supporting Florida’s agriculture industry.

The bill, which passed both the Florida House and Senate unanimously, allows Florida farmers to sell their products at markets and events without jumping through the typical bureaucratic hoops that are often involved in the state’s food safety laws.

The Benefits of the Live Local Act

The Live Local Act has several benefits, including supporting small-scale farmers and fishermen which help reduce the distance that food travels from the farm to the table, thus reducing the carbon footprint. The act provides a less burdensome regulatory regime, enabling farmers to sell directly to consumers without having to face the cost and complexity of navigating the state’s regulatory system. It also reduces the unnecessary waste by allowing more farmers’ products to meet commercial specifications that were previously too strict, ultimately fostering the growth of local economies.

Furthermore, the legislation provides an opportunity for small farmers, fishermen, and other producers to sell their products at community events, farmers’ markets, and roadside stands, providing them with a new market and customers in the state.

The Live Local Act also promotes the consumption of locally sourced food that is at peak freshness, quality, and nutrient content. The agriculture industry in Florida is diverse, and the law supports local producers and consumers. For example, fresh seafood from the Gulf Coast, strawberries from Plant City, blueberries from Gainesville, oranges from Indian River, and so on.

Why was the Live Local Act necessary?

The COVID-19 pandemic has impacted all sectors, including the agriculture industry, resulting in closures of farmers’ markets and loss of revenue for local family farmers. The Live Local Act provides an avenue to help farmers and producers increase their sales and visibility, providing fair access to market opportunities for small-scale producers, leveling the playing field, and promoting healthier eating choices across Florida.

The Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services (FDACS) supports the Local Food Promotion Program that fosters the development of local and regional food systems across the United States. FDACS works with the U.S Department of Agriculture to strengthen regional food systems and to improve access to affordable, healthy foods in our communities.


The Live Local Act provides an alternative route to market for small farmers and producers, making it easier and more profitable for them to sell directly to consumers. The legislation promotes access to fresh, locally sourced food, encourages entrepreneurship, and supports the growth of family farms.

Governor DeSantis said the Live Local Act has passed unanimously in both houses of the legislature, is a win for local businesses and consumers. He also said that Floridians benefit from the innovations of agriculture-based businesses, such as the use of sprayers for citrus crops and unmanned aerial vehicles. The bill ensures that tools can be passed down in Floridas’ farming industries.

As the economy continues to re-open, this legislation plays a pivotal role in helping farmers, fishermen, and artisans to generate income and provide fresh, healthy, and flavorful produce to Floridians while boosting the local economy. The Live Local Act represents a positive step forward in supporting our communities and building momentum toward fostering sustainable, resilient agriculture systems.


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