Here’s What Happened To KC’s BBQ After Restaurant: Impossible

Here's What Happened To KC's BBQ After Restaurant: Impossible

According to Food Network Gossip, the televised makeover happened in 2021. Since then, KC’s BBQ has remained in business and received decent reviews on review sites. It appears that the episode brought people in, and some of them came for more than the typical brisket. One happy Yelper noted, “I heard about this place on Restaurant Impossible and decided to swing by. I know this is a BBQ restaurant, but You have to try the ‘Burnt end salad.’ It has Fresh Arugula, Brisket ends, Watermelon, cherry tomatoes, Pumpkin seeds and a Vignette dressing with a kick, that is to die for.” A different reviewer said they visited twice after “Restaurant: Impossible” made it possible. They, too, praised the burnt ends salad along with the candied yams, Cali coleslaw, and collard greens.

While it amassed a roughly four-star rating based on 428 Yelp reviews, some customers were very openly displeased. A review from June 3 explained, “The food was terrible all the way around. … The chicken had no flavor, the greens were inedible as well as the corn and potato salad. It was definitely not worth $50.” 

For the most part, KC’s seems to have good to great reviews. However, given its past financial difficulties, we don’t know how the place is navigating the inflation struggles that have taken such a shocking toll on restaurants as of late. Time will tell if it can withstand whatever hiccups and hurdles may lie ahead. – * Source link

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