Here’s What You Can Substitute For White Chocolate

Here's What You Can Substitute For White Chocolate suggests using milk chocolate when you don’t have white chocolate, because milk chocolate is also made with cocoa butter and sometimes condensed milk. The Spruce Eats explains that although they are not the same color, milk chocolate can taste very similar to white chocolate, while maintaining the creaminess that stands out in the ivory-colored sweet. Of course, this is the best suggestion for when the white chocolate ingredient, especially its color, is not the dessert’s main character.

Kitchen Divas says we can use white chocolate chips, squares, or melts (the small disks) interchangeably. Keep in mind that squares and melts have a higher melting point than chips, which usually have additives to strengthen their texture so they don’t melt. Add a bit of butter to melt the chips if the recipe calls for melting white chocolate, Kitchen Divas suggest. The same goes for if you are replacing white chocolate with a white chocolate almond bark, a great substitute for coating. If the recipe calls for chips, like for a cookie batch, Food Nouveau suggests using semi-sweet or milk chocolate chips to keep the cookies sweet. 

If a substitute isn’t in the cards, you can also make your own white chocolate. Cocoa and Heart says you only need cocoa butter, powdered milk, icing sugar, and vanilla. – * Source link

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