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How The Red Sox Finished In Last Place In 2023


As a lifelong Boston Red Sox fan, it was hard to believe that my beloved team finished dead last in the standings during the 2023 season. It was a disappointing year, full of injuries, inconsistent performances, and underwhelming results. Despite some promising young talents on the roster and the support of the faithful fans, the team simply couldn’t put it all together and ended up with a dismal record. It was a tough pill to swallow, but hopefully, we can bounce back stronger next season.


The Boston Red Sox have been one of the most successful franchises in Major League Baseball (MLB) history with eight World Series championships. However, in 2023, they finished in last place in the American League East division, a shocking result for one of MLB’s best teams. In this article, we’ll explore how the Red Sox ended up in last place in 2023.

Key Players

One of the biggest factors in the Red Sox finishing in last place was the performance of their key players. Several of their stars struggled to produce, including third baseman Rafael Devers and catcher Christian Vazquez. Devers, who had been one of the team’s best hitters the previous season, saw a significant drop-off in his offensive output. Vazquez, on the other hand, had a poor defensive season, allowing more passed balls and stolen bases than in previous seasons.

In addition, the team’s pitching staff struggled to keep opposing teams from scoring. Ace pitcher Chris Sale had a poor season, posting an ERA above five, and several of the team’s other pitchers also had subpar performances. The team’s closer, Matt Barnes, blew several saves, leaving the Red Sox with a poor overall record in games decided by one or two runs.

Managerial Decisions

Another key factor in the Red Sox’s last-place finish was questionable managerial decisions. Manager Alex Cora, who had previously led the team to a World Series championship in 2018, made several decisions that were criticized by fans and analysts alike. For example, he continued to start struggling players like Devers and Vazquez instead of benching them in favor of more productive players.

In addition, Cora’s bullpen management was widely criticized, with many fans and analysts questioning his decision-making in high-pressure situations. He often left struggling pitchers in the game too long, leading to blown leads and lost games.


The Red Sox were also plagued by injuries in 2023, which contributed to their poor performance. Star outfielder Alex Verdugo missed several weeks due to a knee injury, and second baseman Christian Arroyo was also sidelined for significant stretches of the season. These injuries forced the team to rely on inexperienced or lower-quality players, further weakening their overall performance.

In addition, several of the team’s pitchers also suffered injuries, which depleted the pitching staff and forced the team to rely on less-experienced players. These injuries came at critical points in the season, and the team was unable to recover from them.

Offensive Struggles

The Red Sox’s offensive struggles were also a significant factor in their last-place finish. Despite the presence of several talented hitters on the team, the Red Sox often struggled to score runs and were shut out in several games. Many of the team’s key players had poor offensive seasons, and the team as a whole struggled to hit with runners in scoring position.

In addition, the team’s lineup was often inconsistent, with different players getting hot or cold at different times. This lack of consistency made it difficult for the team to establish a rhythm and string together wins.


Overall, the Boston Red Sox’s last-place finish in 2023 was the result of several factors, including poor performances from key players, questionable managerial decisions, injuries, and offensive struggles. Although the team has a strong history of success and a talented roster, they were unable to overcome these challenges and fell to the bottom of their division. However, with some strategic changes and a little bit of luck, the Red Sox will have a chance to bounce back and regain their place among MLB’s elite teams.


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