How To Tell Your Mayonnaise Has Gone Bad

How To Tell Your Mayonnaise Has Gone Bad

Even if you’re a major proponent of mayonnaise, eating it when it turns rancid is not the best idea. There are some telltale signs to determine if your mayonnaise has spoiled, including if it has developed mold or spores. You wouldn’t touch moldy bread, so naturally, you wouldn’t taint that bread with a moldy sauce (per Does it Go Bad).

Another way to gauge whether your mayonnaise has run its course is to give it the old whiff test: if you detect an acidic or putrid smell, don’t put that stuff anywhere near your mouth. EHow compares the foul odor of bad mayo to cheese that has been left out in the sun.

Coloration is an indicator as well. If the mayo has transformed into a darker shade of white or a brownish-yellow, it’s time to relegate it to the trash bin. Or if the oil has started to separate in the jar, it’s time to toss it (via Finally, it should probably go without saying, but if it tastes off or has a different texture, don’t take the risk; throw it away and start fresh. Your stomach will thank you. – * Source link

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