How to watch every Simpsons episode ever

THE SIMPSONS: Join (L-R) Maggie, Marge, Lisa, Homer and Bart Simpson for the 278-hour every Simpsons ever marathon on FXX

Did you know you could be watching every Simpsons episode ever?

A marathon of all 552 episodes of the animated FOX TV show is running on the FXX network (Comcast Channel 728, DirecTV 259, Century Link 130.)

The 278-hour marathon is believed to be among the largest deals in syndication history. FXX network, part of the FX Now app available to authenticated cable subscribers, will provide on-demand access to the entire library of episodes for streaming.

See the schedule for the marathon and tell us your favorite moments from the long-running series? Is it an Itchy and Scratchy Cartoon? Homer goes to college? A classic Bart prank or Lisa’s date with density?

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