Isiah Thomas and Adrian Dantley beefed so hard one guy got rings and the other “got screwed”

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Isiah Thomas and Adrian Dantley Beefed so Hard One Guy Got Rings and the Other “Got Screwed”

The rivalry between Isiah Thomas and Adrian Dantley was one of the most intense in NBA history. Both were All-Stars and two of the greatest scorers of their era. But while Thomas won two championships with the Detroit Pistons, Dantley was left out in the cold. So what happened between these two legends that caused such a rift?

The Early Years of the Rivalry

Thomas and Dantley first met during the 1979-80 season, when Thomas was a rookie with the Pistons and Dantley was a veteran with the Utah Jazz. Thomas and Dantley quickly developed a rivalry, as both were fierce competitors and both wanted to be the best. The rivalry intensified when the Pistons traded for Dantley in 1984.

The Pistons Dynasty

The Pistons were a dominant force in the NBA during the late 1980s and early 1990s. Thomas was the leader of the team, and Dantley was a key contributor. However, the two stars had a strained relationship, as Dantley felt that Thomas was getting too much credit for the team’s success.

The Fallout

The tension between Thomas and Dantley finally boiled over in 1989, when the Pistons traded Dantley to the Dallas Mavericks. Dantley felt that he had been “screwed” by the Pistons, and he blamed Thomas for the trade. Thomas, on the other hand, felt that Dantley was jealous of his success.

The Aftermath

The rift between Thomas and Dantley lasted for years. Thomas went on to win two championships with the Pistons, while Dantley was left without a ring. To this day, Dantley still feels that he was “screwed” by the Pistons and that Thomas was the one who benefited the most from their rivalry.

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