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Jets players are already trying to convince Aaron Rodgers to join them

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As the Green Bay Packers and their star quarterback Aaron Rodgers remain deadlocked in contract negotiations, New York Jets players have already started campaigning for him to join their team. With a new coach in Robert Saleh and a revamped roster, the Jets are looking for a franchise quarterback to build around. Some players have been expressing their admiration for Rodgers publicly, while others have been texting him privately. Could the Jets be the surprising dark horse in the race for Rodgers’ services?

Jets players trying to lure Aaron Rodgers to New York

The New York Jets have not made it a secret that they are looking for a top-tier quarterback. Rumors have been swirling that the Jets are interested in players such as Deshaun Watson, Russell Wilson, and even Sam Darnold’s possible return. However, Jets players are now trying to convince MVP Aaron Rodgers to come to the Big Apple.

The Rodgers situation in Green Bay

After a heated argument with Green Bay Packers management, Aaron Rodgers has made it clear that he wants out. The two sides have been in a standoff, with Rodgers reportedly upset about the lack of decision-making power in the team’s front office. There is no doubt that Rodgers is one of the best quarterbacks in the league, and many teams have expressed interest in acquiring the superstar.

Jets players making a case for Rodgers

According to sources, Jets players have been reaching out to Rodgers, trying to sway him to come to New York. It is not uncommon for players to recruit other players, but this time, the Jets have gone all out. A few Jets players have even reached out to Rodgers’ agent, hoping to catch his attention.

The Jets players have plenty of reasons why Rodgers should join their team. Firstly, the Jets have a lot of salary cap space, which makes it easier to bring in top-tier talent. Rodgers has always played with an elite supporting cast, and the Jets have the resources to put together a solid team around him.

The Jets also have a young and improving offensive line, which is something Rodgers has always struggled with in Green Bay. The Jets started building their offensive line in the 2020 NFL draft, selecting Mekhi Becton in the first round. In the 2021 draft, the Jets picked up Alijah Vera-Tucker, who is one of the top offensive linemen in college football. With a few more additions, the Jets’ offensive line could become one of the league’s best.

The Jets also have two young and talented receivers in Denzel Mims and Elijah Moore. Rodgers has made it clear that he wants to play with elite receivers, and while the Jets may not have a Devante Adams, the team is slowly building a talented group. Rookie Elijah Moore has been receiving rave reviews in training camp, and he could become a star in the league.

Rodgers in New York – a match made in heaven?

There is no doubt that many teams are interested in Aaron Rodgers, and the Jets are just another team in the mix. However, it is clear that the Jets are doing everything possible to convince him to come to New York. While it is uncertain if Rodgers will end up with the Jets, the idea of having a legendary quarterback on the team is intriguing.

Rodgers has always been in a small market in Green Bay, and a move to New York could be the change he needs. The new surroundings could revitalize his career and give the Jets a chance to win a Super Bowl. Jets fans have been waiting patiently for a quarterback to lead their team to glory, and Aaron Rodgers could be the answer to their prayers.

The bottom line

With the Rodgers situation still unfolding, it is uncertain where he will end up. However, the Jets players have made it clear that they want him on their team, and they are doing everything they can to make it happen. The Jets have a lot of potential, and with Rodgers at the helm, they could become a force to be reckoned with in the league.


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