JJ Watt, former NFL star, urges league to consider altering rules on holding penalties

Former NFL star JJ Watt wants league to consider change for holding penalties

As a former NFL star and one of the most dominant defensive players to ever play the game, JJ Watt’s opinion carries weight. Recently, Watt took to social media to express his frustration with the current state of holding penalties in the NFL. He believes that the current rules regarding holding need to be reevaluated and potentially changed to ensure a fairer and more consistent game. This article will explore Watt’s arguments for a change in holding penalties and the potential impact it could have on the league.

The issue with holding penalties

One of the most controversial aspects of NFL games is the decision to call holding penalties. Holding occurs when an offensive player impedes the progress of a defensive player by grabbing onto their uniform or body. Whether or not holding is called is often left to the discretion of the officials, and this lack of consistency has led to frustration among players and fans alike.

Watt argues that the current rules regarding holding are too subjective and open to interpretation. He believes that this inconsistency creates an unfair advantage for offensive players and puts defensive players at a disadvantage. According to Watt, a holding penalty can drastically change the outcome of a game, and it’s crucial that the league takes steps to address this issue.

The impact on defensive players

Defensive players like Watt often find themselves in one-on-one battles with offensive linemen. These battles determine the outcome of plays and can directly impact the success of the defense. When offensive linemen get away with holding, it allows them to gain an unfair advantage by impeding the progress of defensive players. This not only hampers their ability to make plays but also puts them at a higher risk of injury.

Watt points out that when defensive players are consistently held without penalty, their effectiveness is dampened. This discourages defensive players from giving their all on every play and can lead to a decrease in overall defensive performance. Watt argues that a fairer and more consistent approach to holding penalties would level the playing field and allow defensive players to showcase their skills without hindrance.

The impact on the integrity of the game

Another important aspect of Watt’s argument is the impact that inconsistent holding penalties have on the integrity of the game. When fans see a player being blatantly held without penalty, it raises questions about the fairness of the sport. This can lead to a decline in fan interest, as people want to see a fair and evenly matched competition.

Watt suggests that by addressing the issue of holding penalties, the NFL can maintain its integrity and ensure that fans continue to be engaged. By reducing the subjectivity in officiating, the league can create a more level playing field, leading to more exciting and fair games.

Proposed solutions

In addition to highlighting the problem, Watt also puts forth some potential solutions to the issue of holding penalties. He suggests implementing a system whereby holding is reviewable and subject to challenge by coaches. This would provide a means for teams to hold officials accountable and ensure that missed holding calls are rectified.

Watt also suggests increased training and education for officials on what constitutes a hold and how to spot it. By increasing their knowledge and understanding of the rules, officials can become more consistent in their calls. This would help eliminate the subjectivity currently present in holding penalties.

The potential impact

If the NFL were to consider and implement Watt’s proposed changes, it could have a significant impact on the game. A fairer and more consistent approach to holding penalties would give defensive players a better chance to succeed and showcase their skills. It would also enhance the integrity of the game, ensuring that fans continue to be engaged and invested.

Furthermore, by allowing holding penalties to be reviewed and challenged, it would create a system of checks and balances that holds officials accountable. This would help alleviate frustrations among players, coaches, and fans regarding missed holding calls.


JJ Watt’s call for a change in holding penalties is a valid and important one. The current state of inconsistency leaves too much room for interpretation and unfairly impacts the game. By implementing Watt’s proposed solutions, the NFL can create a fairer competition, enhance player safety, and maintain the integrity of the sport. It is essential for the league to take a closer look at this issue and consider the potential benefits that a change in holding penalties could bring to the game.

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