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Josh Andrews to be signed by the Eagles as offensive lineman

Why the Eagles Should Sign OL Josh Andrews

When it comes to building a successful football team, one crucial aspect is a strong offensive line. The Philadelphia Eagles, known for their talented roster and competitive spirit, have recently expressed interest in signing offensive lineman Josh Andrews. This move could potentially bolster the team’s offensive line, improving their chances of success. In this article, we will explore the reasons why the Eagles should strongly consider signing Josh Andrews and how he could contribute to the team’s overall performance.

1. Versatility and Experience

One of the significant advantages that Andrews brings to the table is his versatility. Throughout his career, he has demonstrated proficiency in playing various positions along the offensive line, including both guard and center. This level of adaptability is invaluable, as it provides the Eagles with greater flexibility when facing injuries or in need of making strategic in-game adjustments.

Furthermore, Andrews has accumulated valuable experience during his time in the NFL. Having spent six seasons with the Indianapolis Colts and Minnesota Vikings, he has had the chance to learn from different coaching staffs and adapt to different offensive schemes. This experience would allow him to seamlessly integrate into the Eagles’ system, making him an asset from day one.

2. Continuity and Chemistry

Building strong chemistries within an offensive line is critical for success, as it ensures players work cohesively as a unit to protect the quarterback and open up running lanes. Josh Andrews already has a connection with the Eagles organization, having spent the majority of his career with them as an undrafted free agent from 2014 to 2017. This familiarity with the team’s culture, coaching staff, and remaining players would undoubtedly facilitate a smooth transition, enhancing the continuity of the team’s offensive line.

3. Competitiveness and Work Ethic

Another compelling reason why the Eagles should sign Josh Andrews is his unwavering competitiveness and strong work ethic. Throughout his career, Andrews has consistently shown determination and a willingness to put in the necessary effort to improve his game. The Eagles, known for their grit and resilience, would greatly benefit from adding a player with such a mindset to their roster. Andrews’ perseverance and dedication would serve as an inspiration to the entire team, setting a high standard for performance.

4. Depth and Backup Option

Every successful team needs reliable depth, particularly along the offensive line, where injuries are common. By signing Josh Andrews, the Eagles would secure a valuable backup option who is more than capable of stepping in and performing at a high level when needed. Having a backup lineman with Andrews’ skills and experience provides the Eagles with added flexibility in managing both anticipated and unexpected roster changes throughout the season.

5. Cost-Effective Option

In today’s salary-capped NFL, finding cost-effective solutions to bolster a team’s roster is crucial. Josh Andrews presents an affordable option for the Philadelphia Eagles. As an unsigned free agent, he would not require a significant financial commitment, allowing the team to allocate resources to other critical areas of need. This financial flexibility is essential in building a sustainable and competitive team for the long term.

6. Potential Upside

Lastly, signing Josh Andrews brings with it the potential for substantial upside. At only 30 years old, Andrews still has the opportunity to continue developing as a player. With the right coaching and support system, he could unlock even more of his potential, potentially becoming an integral part of the Eagles’ offensive line. This potential upside makes signing Andrews a low-risk, high-reward decision for the team.


The Philadelphia Eagles have a golden opportunity in front of them by signing offensive lineman Josh Andrews. His versatility, experience, chemistry with the team, competitiveness, and potential upside make him a compelling addition to their already talented roster. As the team strives to remain competitive and contend for championships, bolstering their offensive line is paramount. By signing Andrews, the Eagles would not only address a pressing need but also strengthen their chances of success in the upcoming season. It’s a move that deserves serious consideration and could prove to be a game-changer for the entire team.


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