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Josh Fleming Had Almost a Perfect Day


I had a great day reading the article about Josh Fleming’s impressive performance on the mound for the Tampa Bay Rays. The left-handed pitcher had an almost perfect game, only giving up one hit in nine innings of play. The article explores Fleming’s journey to the big leagues and how his strong outing contributed to the Rays’ victory. As a fan of baseball, it’s always exciting to read about players who have standout performances and Josh Fleming definitely had one of those days.


Sports have always been a fascinating aspect of society, and one sport that shines bright in this regard is baseball. With its rich history and tradition, baseball has been an integral part of American culture for decades. And today, we’re going to talk about one of its most exciting events – a pitcher throwing a perfect game.

While the term “perfect game” is self-explanatory, it’s worth emphasizing that it’s an accomplishment that only a few pitchers have managed in history. Simply put, it’s when a pitcher faces 27 batters and gets them all out without any of them reaching first base. One of these pitchers is Josh Fleming, who almost had a perfect game recently.

The Perfect Game That Almost Was

On May 22, 2021, the Tampa Bay Rays were facing the Cleveland Indians in a regular-season game. Starting for the Rays, Josh Fleming had recorded his third win of the season in his previous start, and he was in a great form going into the match. But what transpired on that day was nothing short of phenomenal.

During the first few innings, it was clear that Fleming was dialed in. He got the first six batters out without facing a single hit. The following innings were more of the same, as he dispatched the Indians’ lineup with ease. The seventh inning was particularly memorable, as he struck out two batters with ease.

As the game wore on, the pressure started to build, and Fleming knew he had a chance to enter into a history book if he could complete the perfect game. And the eighth inning was crucial in that regard. The first batter hit a deep fly ball in the right field that looked like it had a chance to go over the wall for a home run, but the ball hit the wall and came back for a double. For a moment, it looked like the perfect game had ended, but the umpires confirmed that the ball was not a home run, and Fleming was still in it.

The subsequent batter hit a ground ball to third baseman Joey Wendle, who made a fantastic play to record the out. Just one more batter to go, and Fleming would cement his place in history.

With all eyes on him, he pitched a perfect pitch, and the batter hit a ground ball to second baseman Mike Brosseau, who fielded the ball cleanly and threw it to first baseman Ji-Man Choi for the final out. In a matter of seconds, Fleming had almost thrown a perfect game.

The Role of Pitch Selection in Josh Fleming’s Performance

While many factors played a role in Fleming’s success during the game, his pitch selection might have been one of the most crucial. One could argue that he pitched the best game of his life, and it would be hard to disagree.

Throughout the game, Fleming relied heavily on his sinker, a pitch that he has used to great effect in the past. The sinker is a pitch that is designed to generate ground balls, and that’s precisely what it did. His ability to locate the pitch consistently, coupled with its movement, left the Indians batters befuddled.

Another key factor in Fleming’s performance was his ability to mix in his changeup. He threw the pitch with conviction and deception, making it challenging for the Indians batters to make contact. The changeup was particularly effective when he threw it in conjunction with his sinker, creating a one-two punch that the Indians simply could not decipher.

The Importance of Mental Toughness for Pitchers

One aspect of baseball that often goes unnoticed is the mental toughness required to perform at the highest level. For pitchers, the mental game is just as important as the physical one – if not more so. And Josh Fleming exhibited a level of mental toughness that is rare to see in a player.

Throughout the game, he remained calm and collected, never letting his emotions get the best of him. He exuded an air of confidence that was palpable, and he relied on his mental fortitude to power him through some tense moments.

At no point during the game did he seem rattled or uncertain. He trusted his stuff and his instincts, making quick adjustments when needed, and never once doubting his ability to achieve what many consider to be the pinnacle of pitching perfection.


In conclusion, Josh Fleming’s almost perfect game was a testament to his skill, preparation, and mental toughness. While it’s true that he will forever be known as “the pitcher who almost threw a perfect game,” his performance that day deserves to be remembered for what it was – a masterful display of pitching excellence.

Whether he pitches another perfect game in the future or not, it’s clear that Josh Fleming is a pitcher of immense talent and potential. And for baseball fans everywhere, his almost perfect game will remain a highlight of the season, reminding us of the awe and wonder that this sport can inspire.


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