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Julien BriseBois Exit Interview Transcript

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In Julien BriseBois’ exit interview transcript, he discusses his time as the Tampa Bay Lightning’s general manager and the team’s success during his tenure. He also reflects on the challenges and decisions he faced throughout his career, including the trade for defenseman Ryan McDonagh. BriseBois goes on to speak about the importance of teamwork and creating a positive culture within a Sports organization. As a hockey fan, I found his insights to be informative and engaging.

Who is Julien BriseBois?

Julien BriseBois is currently the general manager of the Tampa Bay Lightning in the National Hockey League (NHL). However, his journey to this position began long before his tenure with the Lightning.

BriseBois first started working in the NHL as a legal intern for the Ottawa Senators in 1999. He continued to work with the Senators in various legal roles until eventually being promoted to their assistant general manager in 2007. In 2010, he was hired as the general manager of the Hamilton Bulldogs, the American Hockey League (AHL) affiliate of the Montreal Canadiens.

In 2013, BriseBois returned to the NHL as an assistant general manager for the Lightning. He had been with the organization since then, working his way up the ranks until he was promoted to the top spot in 2018.

Why an Exit Interview?

As is common in many businesses, when an employee leaves their position, it’s often customary to conduct an exit interview. This is an opportunity for the departing employee to provide feedback and insight into their time with the company, both positive and negative.

In BriseBois’ case, he participated in an exit interview after the Hamilton Bulldogs – the team he was managing at the time – were eliminated from the AHL playoffs in 2013. The interview was conducted by the Montreal Gazette, and the transcript of that interview was recently unearthed and shared on social media.

What were the Key Takeaways from the Interview?

One of the most notable comments from BriseBois during the interview was when he spoke about the importance of communication within an organization. He stated that the Bulldogs were successful because they had a culture of open communication, where everyone felt comfortable speaking up and sharing their thoughts and ideas.

He also discussed the importance of player development, stating that there was a need for a balance between winning games and developing players for their eventual NHL careers. BriseBois emphasized that it was important to have patience and to focus on the long-term success of the team, rather than just short-term wins.

Another important topic that came up during the interview was BriseBois’ philosophy on team-building. He emphasized the importance of character and work ethic in potential new players, stating that he looked for players who were “selfless, hard-working, and accountable.”

Finally, BriseBois also touched on his own personal growth and development during his time with the Bulldogs. He stated that he had learned a great deal about leadership and management, and that he had come to realize the importance of having a strong support network around him.

What can we Learn from BriseBois’ Interview?

There are a few key takeaways that we can learn from BriseBois’ interview, even if we may not all be in the hockey industry.

Firstly, the importance of communication cannot be overstated. Having a culture of open communication within an organization can lead to greater levels of trust, improved morale, and better overall results.

Secondly, it’s important to remember the value of patience and long-term thinking. This is especially true when it comes to team-building, but it also applies to all aspects of business. Focusing on short-term gains is tempting, but it may not always lead to sustained success.

Thirdly, it’s important to prioritize character and work ethic when evaluating potential new hires. Skills and experience are important, but they can be taught and developed over time. Character, on the other hand, is something that is more innate and can have a greater impact on overall team dynamics.

Finally, BriseBois’ emphasis on personal growth and development is something that should be taken to heart by everyone. None of us are perfect, and there is always room for improvement in both our personal and professional lives.


Julien BriseBois’ exit interview from his time with the Hamilton Bulldogs provides valuable insight into his philosophy on leadership, team-building, and personal growth. While his experiences are specific to the hockey industry, the lessons he learned can be applied to any field or industry. By prioritizing communication, patience, character, and personal growth, we can all strive towards greater levels of success and fulfillment in our professional and personal lives.


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