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Jury finds man guilty of killing Florida Fish and Wildlife Officer in 2020

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In a verdict that has been eagerly awaited by many, a man has been found guilty of killing a Florida Fish and Wildlife Officer in 2020. The jury deliberated for several hours before delivering their verdict, which was met with relief and satisfaction by the family and colleagues of the slain officer. The case has been closely followed by the public, who have expressed their support for the law enforcement officials who risk their lives to protect the environment and its inhabitants.

Jury Finds Man Guilty of Killing Florida Fish and Wildlife Officer in 2020

On June 14th, 2021, a Florida jury found Eliceo Hernandez guilty of first-degree murder in the killing of Florida Fish and Wildlife Officer Julian Keen Jr. Hernandez shot Keen Jr. back in June 2020 during a routine traffic stop in Hendry County. Keen, who had worked with FWC for 17 years, died shortly after the incident.

This court case was highly publicized, and the verdict brings relief to Keen Jr.’s family, friends, and colleagues. The trial marked an essential milestone for bringing justice to the late officer’s family, and the verdict is a reminder for everyone of the dangers first responders face while performing their duties.

Prosecutors stated that Hernandez, who was riding in the vehicle with two other suspects, opened fire on the officer. The defense, for Hernandez, initially argued that he did not fire the fatal shot, but the prosecutor presented evidence that included ballistics test results, video footage, and eye-witness testimony that proved otherwise.

The Department of Justice noted in a press release that Hernandez had a history of violence, including arrests for battery, assault, and trespassing. Hernandez has also been found guilty of felony charges in a separate case.

The trial brought closure not just to the Keen family, but to the entire FWC and the larger law enforcement community. The conviction and punishment of Hernandez send a clear message to those who might consider taking similar actions. Criminals will be held accountable for their actions, and the justice system will pursue these cases vigorously.

Jury Deliberations

After three weeks of trial and a day and a half of deliberations, the jury announced the verdict of Hernandez’s trial. During the trial, several witnesses took the stand, including law enforcement officials and civilians who witnessed the shooting. The prosecution showed eyewitnesses video evidence and played audio recordings of the incident to give context to the jury.

The trial was not without its setbacks, either. An accident occurred during jury selection on May 14th, 2021, when a juror was hit by a car on the way to the courthouse. The juror was transported to the hospital for treatment and did not complete their service. The court proceeded with an alternate juror to resume the proceedings.

The Verdict

Hernandez’s conviction carries a mandatory sentence of life imprisonment, without the chance of parole. Judge Bruce Kyle said, “Mr. Hernandez, you are responsible for Officer Keen’s death. You will pay the ultimate penalty for that offense.”

The family of Officer Keen Jr. released a statement expressing their gratitude for the work of the prosecutors and law enforcement officials that pursued the case. They further expressed that the family will continue to grieve the loss of their loved one but take comfort in the knowledge that Hernandez would be held responsible for his actions.

In Conclusion

The verdict of this trial sends a message to anyone who might consider committing similar crimes, that law enforcement agencies and the justice system will hold them responsible for their actions. This trial is a reminder that law enforcement officials face danger and risk their lives every day to keep our communities safe. It is essential that we appreciate and recognize the sacrifices they make daily.

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