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Justin Turner Set to Join Blue Jays

Why the Blue Jays Should Sign Justin Turner for the 2021 Season

As the 2021 MLB season approaches, the Toronto Blue Jays find themselves in need of a seasoned veteran to anchor their lineup and provide leadership on and off the field. And there is no better fit for this role than third baseman Justin Turner. With his exceptional skills, reliability, and championship experience, Turner would be a perfect addition to the Blue Jays roster. In this article, we will explore the reasons why the Blue Jays should prioritize signing Justin Turner and how he can significantly impact their chances of success in the upcoming season.

1. Offensive Prowess

One of the main reasons the Blue Jays should pursue Justin Turner is his outstanding offensive abilities. Throughout his career, Turner has consistently showcased his talent at the plate, boasting an impressive career .292 batting average and an average of 20 home runs per season. His ability to get on base, drive in runs, and provide clutch hits in important moments would greatly enhance the Blue Jays’ lineup by adding another reliable run producer.

2. Playoff Experience

Another compelling reason to sign Justin Turner is his invaluable playoff experience. The Blue Jays, a young and talented team, would benefit greatly from Turner’s postseason knowledge and leadership. Turner has participated in multiple World Series, including the 2020 championship-winning campaign with the Los Angeles Dodgers. His presence would provide invaluable insight to the team’s less experienced players and help guide them through the high-pressure moments of October baseball.

3. Leadership Qualities

Turner is not only a skilled player but also a respected leader in the clubhouse. Throughout his tenure with the Dodgers, he has been a vocal and influential figure, motivating his teammates and setting high standards for performance and professionalism. The Blue Jays, who have a young core of talented players, would benefit greatly from Turner’s leadership qualities. He would bring a winning mentality and an unwavering work ethic, inspiring his teammates to elevate their game and strive for greatness.

4. Defensive Excellence

In addition to his offensive prowess, Justin Turner is an exceptional defensive third baseman. He consistently showcases excellent range, soft hands, and a strong arm, making him a reliable presence on the hot corner. With the Blue Jays looking to bolster their defense, particularly in the infield, Turner’s defensive skills would greatly benefit the team. His ability to make difficult plays and minimize errors would provide stability and confidence to the pitching staff, ultimately improving the team’s overall performance.

5. Veteran Presence

The Blue Jays have a talented young roster, but they lack significant veteran presence. Justin Turner, with his wealth of experience and success, would immediately fill this void. His presence in the locker room would not only enhance the development of the younger players but also foster a winning culture within the organization. Turner’s mentorship and guidance would help the Blue Jays’ young talents grow both on and off the field, significantly contributing to the long-term success of the team.

6. Fan Engagement

Lastly, signing Justin Turner would undoubtedly generate excitement and engagement among Blue Jays fans. Turner has not only been a popular player throughout his career but also a fan-favorite with the Los Angeles Dodgers. His charismatic personality, gritty playing style, and memorable playoff performances have won the hearts of fans across the league. Adding Turner to the Blue Jays roster would ignite enthusiasm among the fanbase and attract more spectators to the stadium, thus increasing attendance and revenue.


In conclusion, there are several compelling reasons why the Toronto Blue Jays should sign Justin Turner for the 2021 season. With his offensive prowess, playoff experience, leadership qualities, defensive excellence, veteran presence, and ability to engage fans, Turner would significantly enhance the team’s chances of success. His impact would not only be felt on the field but also in the clubhouse and the hearts of the fans. The addition of Justin Turner to the Blue Jays roster is an opportunity the team cannot afford to miss.


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