Labor of love: FWC helps panther mom reunite with rehabbed kitten

Labor of love: FWC helps panther mom reunite with rehabbed kitten

COLLIER COUNTY, Fla. — A panther and her kitten have been reunited after a labor of love from biologists with FWC.

The 4-month-old panther kitten was rescued in Collier County in March, after being separated from her mother.

Crews took in the kitten and she rehabbed at a rescue facility in Yulee.

FWC biologists then used the scent from the kitten in hopes the mother would return to the spot where she was separated from her kitten.

After several attempts, the mother finally returned to reunite with the kitten in late March.

The kitten was in a cage when the mother returned, and biologists watched as the mama instantly recognized the kitten.

FWC was able to remotely open the cage to release the kitten back to her mother.

Biologists equipped the kitten with a tracking collar to confirm her mother was taking good care of her. The collar will eventually fall off.

In addition to the data sent back from the collar, experts spotted the mother and daughter duo on trail cams, both in good shape.

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