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LCSO Gives Update on an Internal Investigation

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The Lee County Sheriff’s Office (LCSO) in Florida has recently given an update on an internal investigation regarding three deputies. The investigation is linked to allegations made against the officers, including the filing of false reports and misconduct on the job. The LCSO has been conducting an internal investigation since 2020 and has provided details on the ongoing case. The update includes the outcomes of the investigation so far and further steps they plan to take to address the issue.

LCSO Gives Update on an Internal Investigation

The Loudoun County Sheriff’s Office (LCSO) has provided an update regarding an ongoing internal investigation following allegations of misconduct by a group of deputies. The investigation, which started in August of 2020, has been extensive and thorough. LCSO’s Sheriff Mike Chapman assures that “anyone found in violation of LCSO policies will be held accountable.”

The Allegations

The internal investigation was launched following allegations of misconduct by a group of deputies who were accused of making racist and sexist comments on social media. The allegations were first brought to light by the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC), a nonprofit organization that tracks hate groups and promotes tolerance. The SPLC had been monitoring Facebook groups with ties to law enforcement and found that members of the LCSO were among those making offensive remarks.

The Investigation

Since the investigation began, LCSO has taken several steps to address the issue. Sheriff Chapman announced that the department would conduct a full review of its policies and procedures, begin cultural sensitivity training for all deputies, and establish an external advisory committee made up of experts in diversity, equity, and inclusion. The department also launched an anonymous tip line to encourage anyone with information about the allegations to come forward.

According to Sheriff Chapman, the investigation has been a top priority for LCSO, and the department has worked diligently to ensure it is thorough and unbiased. He stated, “We will leave no stone unturned in our efforts to get to the truth of what happened and to hold anyone responsible for misconduct accountable.”

The Findings

After months of investigation, LCSO has released its findings. According to the department, 12 deputies were found to have violated LCSO policies. The violations ranged from posting offensive comments on social media to failing to report the behavior of others. One deputy was terminated, and eight others were disciplined, including suspension and demotion.

LCSO has stated that it will not reveal the names of the deputies involved in the investigation due to privacy concerns. However, Sheriff Chapman assured the public that the department would take appropriate action against anyone found to have violated LCSO policies. He stated, “The men and women of this department are expected to uphold the highest standards of professionalism, and anyone who fails to do so will be held accountable.”

Moving Forward

The internal investigation has been a challenging and disturbing time for the LCSO. However, Sheriff Chapman believes that it presents an opportunity for the department to improve and strengthen its commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion. He stated, “We all have to do better. We have to be better than the actions of a few, and we have to lead by example.”

Moving forward, LCSO will continue to prioritize cultural sensitivity training and establish a committee to promote diversity, equity, and inclusion within the department. Sheriff Chapman has vowed to hold all deputies to a high standard and stressed the importance of transparency and accountability. He stated, “Our goal is to restore the public’s trust in our department and to continue delivering the highest level of service to our community.”


The LCSO internal investigation has been a challenging and complex process. However, the department’s commitment to transparency and accountability has been admirable. While it is disappointing to hear that some deputies engaged in misconduct, it is reassuring to know that the department has taken swift action to address the issue.

Moving forward, LCSO’s focus on cultural sensitivity training and its commitment to promoting diversity, equity, and inclusion will be critical in rebuilding public trust. The department must continue to hold all deputies to a high standard and demonstrate that it is an agency that is committed to serving and protecting all members of the community.


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