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LCSO Reports: Driver Crashes Stolen U-Haul into Deputy’s Car in North Fort Myers

North Fort Myers | Driver crashes stolen U-Haul into deputy’s car, LCSO says

North Fort Myers witnessed a dramatic incident recently when a driver crashed a stolen U-Haul into a deputy’s car, leading to a significant altercation. The Lee County Sheriff’s Office (LCSO) reported that the incident took place on Main Street around 10 PM last night. This shocking event has left the local community stunned and concerned about the overall safety in the area. Let’s delve deeper into what happened and the subsequent response from the authorities.

The incident:

According to the LCSO, the driver of the stolen U-Haul was initially spotted by a patrol officer driving erratically on Main Street. As the officer attempted to initiate a traffic stop, the driver suddenly accelerated and crashed into the deputy’s car, causing substantial damage to both vehicles. The impact left the deputy with minor injuries, while the suspect quickly fled the scene on foot before being apprehended shortly after.

Authorities spring into action:

Upon receiving news of the incident, additional LCSO units were dispatched to the scene, along with emergency medical personnel to tend to the injured deputy. The area was cordoned off, and an investigation began immediately to piece together the sequence of events leading up to the crash. The suspect, who was identified as a 29-year-old male, was found hiding behind a nearby building and was subsequently taken into custody.

The aftermath:

This incident has left both the deputy and the North Fort Myers community shaken. The injured officer was treated at a local hospital and is expected to make a full recovery. However, it serves as a reminder of the risks faced by law enforcement officers daily and the unpredictable nature of their job.

The stolen U-Haul and the deputy’s car have been impounded for further investigation. The LCSO is working to determine if the suspect has any prior criminal record or if there were any ulterior motives behind the incident. Local residents have been urged to come forward with any relevant information that could assist the ongoing investigation.

Community concerns:

Following this incident, concerns about public safety in North Fort Myers have started to rise. The incident occurred on a well-traveled street, and the fact that the suspect could escape on foot has alarmed many residents. It has raised questions about the efficacy of law enforcement in the area and the need for increased police presence and surveillance.

Local community leaders have voiced their concerns, calling for a comprehensive review of safety measures and urging the authorities to devise strategies to prevent similar incidents from occurring in the future. The incident will likely prompt discussions on community policing, crime prevention, and improving collaboration between law enforcement and residents in order to maintain a safer environment.


The incident in North Fort Myers involving a stolen U-Haul crashing into a deputy’s car has left the community shocked and concerned about their safety. The swift response by the LCSO and the subsequent arrest of the perpetrator highlight the dedication and efficiency of law enforcement in addressing such incidents. However, it also emphasizes the need for ongoing efforts to enhance public safety and collaboration in the community. As North Fort Myers regains its composure from this alarming event, residents and authorities must work together to ensure a more secure and peaceful future for the region.


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