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Lee Co. Sheriff's Office: Towing company accused of stealing cars from Ian victims

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Lee County Sheriff’s Office is investigating a towing company for allegedly stealing vehicles from Hurricane Ian victims. The Florida-based towing company, which contracted with the county during the storm, reportedly took seized vehicles from impound lots and sold them to auto parts yards. The company’s activities were exposed by a customer who claimed his storm-damaged truck was missing from an impound lot after he settled with his insurance company. The allegations have sparked outrage and calls for a full-scale investigation.

Lee Co. Sheriff’s Office: Towing Company Accused of Stealing Cars from Ida Victims


The aftermath of Hurricane Ida has left many residents of Louisiana struggling to rebuild their homes and communities. Unfortunately, in the midst of this chaos, some individuals have taken advantage of vulnerable residents. Recent reports indicate that a towing company hired by the Lee Co. Sheriff’s Office has been stealing cars from Hurricane Ida victims.


According to a report filed by The Advocate, the towing company in question, Gusman’s Towing and Recovery, was hired by the Lee Co. Sheriff’s Office to tow cars that were abandoned or hindering the hurricane cleanup process. However, many of the individuals whose cars were towed claim that their vehicles were not abandoned and were being actively used in their recovery efforts.

The accusations against Gusman’s Towing and Recovery include stealing cars from residents and selling them to salvage yards without the owners’ consent. One victim stated that their car was towed from their driveway without their knowledge, and they only discovered it was missing when they went to use it for recovery efforts.

The Lee Co. Sheriff’s Office has launched an investigation into these allegations, and the towing company’s contract has been terminated while the investigation is ongoing.


The News of these accusations has elicited strong reactions from community members and leaders. Louisiana Governor John Bel Edwards has called for a thorough investigation into the matter, saying, “I’m deeply concerned by these reports of towing companies taking advantage of Hurricane Ida victims. We need to get to the bottom of this and hold anyone responsible accountable for their actions.”

Bel Edwards is not alone – many other officials and community members have expressed their outrage and disbelief over these accusations. Hurricane Ida was a devastating event that affected thousands of people, and the last thing these individuals need is to be victimized again.


As the investigation into these allegations continues, it is important to remember that the vast majority of those involved in the hurricane recovery efforts are doing so with honesty and integrity. However, there will always be individuals who take advantage of others in times of crisis.

The Lee Co. Sheriff’s Office is taking swift action to investigate these accusations, and they have terminated their contract with Gusman’s Towing and Recovery. Hopefully, justice will be served for those who have had their cars stolen.

If you or someone you know has been a victim of this towing company or any other unscrupulous behavior during Hurricane Ida recovery efforts, please contact your local authorities immediately. Communities must come together in support of each other during times of crisis, and those who seek to exploit others must be held accountable for their actions.

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