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Man barges into Fort Myers home while family eats dinner, claims he’s a ghost

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Ghostly Encounter: Man barges into Fort Myers home while family eats dinner, claims he’s a ghost

The Startling Encounter

A family in Fort Myers, Florida was enjoying their dinner when they had an unexpected visitor on their doorstep. Around 7:30 pm on a Tuesday night, a man suddenly barged into their home, startling the family and causing chaos in the peaceful evening. The family said they were shocked when they saw the man, as he appeared to be disoriented and had a bizarre expression on his face. The man immediately claimed that he was a ghost and that he had been roaming the streets for hours before stumbling upon their home.

The Strange Behavior

The family reported the intruder as behaving strangely. He seemed disorientated and confused, as if he could not differentiate reality from his imagination. He claimed to be a ghost with the ability to travel between different dimensions, and repeatedly asked if the family had seen any ghosts within their home. The family became increasingly worried as the man started to rant about his past experiences and somehow connected them to the family’s situation.

Call to Police

As soon as the family realized that the intruder was not behaving normally, they called the police. When the police arrived, they found the man wandering around the living room. The officers tried to question him, but he kept insisting that he was a ghost and that the family was not real. The man appeared to be under the influence of some substance or medication that caused his bizarre behavior.

Psychiatric Evaluation

The police took the man into custody and ordered a psychiatric evaluation. After investigation, it was revealed that the man had a history of similar encounters involving him claiming to be a ghost and behaving erratically. According to sources close to the family, the man had already been admitted to a mental institution in the past, but was released when doctors believed he had recovered.

Mental Health Concerns

The intrusion was a traumatic experience for the family, and many began to question the availability of adequate mental healthcare for individuals in the community. It highlighted the need for better mental health resources within the country to prevent future incidents of such nature. The family has become increasingly aware of the importance of mental healthcare and has been advocating for better measures to help those in need.


In conclusion, a family in Fort Myers had a harrowing experience when a man barged into their home, claiming to be a ghost. The man’s erratic behavior raised concerns about his mental health, and the importance of adequate psychiatric resources in the community. It is important that people with mental health issues are given proper medical attention to prevent similar incidents, as well as to ensure the safety and well-being of those around them. Overall, it is necessary to increase awareness and accessibility of mental health resources to promote positive mental health in society.


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