Mariner High Football getting set for Fall season

Mariner High Football getting set for Fall season

LEE COUNTY, Fla. — An old saying goes, that hard work will beat talent, when talent., refuses to work hard.

“Defiantly got some good athletes, ” said head coach Josh Nicholson

Now the Tritons have talent.

But coach believes, he’s just adding fire to the flame.

“Excited about the athletes we have,” said Nicholson. “We’ve got some of the best basketball players in the county out here playing football. We’ve got some of the best soccer players in the county out here playing football. They want to help leave their mark on the school. Football is the way to do it.”

Taking those players other skills, and harnessing them on the gridiron.

That’s one of the keys, that coach believes, will lead Mariner high school to victory.

“They kind of took that as a challenge of saying hey, you know what, if I come out and dedicate to this game of football, maybe I can be a piece of the puzzle,” said Nicholson. “Help turn this thing around.”

And the team, could be on their way.

And the leaders on this team know, they have to step up, if they want that change take place.

“It’s a big change in leadership but I’m willing to take that step and I’m willing to lead the defense in the right direction for the better of this team and the better of the program especially.”

For these athletes, it’s time for some of them to take over the leadership role.

As they hope to light the way in the fall.

“Being a leader of this team means a lot to me,” said quarterback Justin Lewis. “Coaching up the young guys, being the leader of the team is like a good responsibility.”

But coach knows, change, won’t happen over night.

But he welcomes the challenge with open arms.

“It’s all about the day to day grind,” said Nicholson. “Doing little things right every single day. Even when you don’t want to. Getting a little better every day. Eventually those little victories stack up and turn into big things.”

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