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Men’s basketball: Bracket, schedule, and scores for the 2024 Big Ten Tournament

2024 Big Ten Tournament: Bracket, Schedule, Scores for Men’s Basketball

The Big Ten Tournament is one of the most exciting events in college basketball. Every year, the top teams in the conference battle it out for a chance to claim the championship title. In 2024, the tournament promises to be as thrilling as ever, with fierce competition and nail-biting games. Let’s take a closer look at the bracket, schedule, and scores for this highly-anticipated tournament.

The Bracket

The 2024 Big Ten Tournament features a bracket with 14 teams competing for the championship. The top four teams in the regular-season standings receive a bye and automatically advance to the quarterfinals. The remaining ten teams are seeded from fifth to fourteenth based on their regular-season performance.

First Round (Wednesday)

The tournament kicks off with the first round on Wednesday. The matchups are determined by the seeding, with the fifth seed facing the twelfth seed, the sixth seed playing the eleventh seed, and so on. These games are often full of surprises, as lower-seeded teams fight for their chance to advance.

Second Round (Thursday)

The winners of the first-round matchups advance to the second round, which takes place on Thursday. On this day, the four teams who received a bye in the first round join the competition. The matchups are determined by the bracket, with the top seed facing the lowest seed remaining, the second seed playing the second-lowest seed, and so on.

Quarterfinals (Friday)

After a day of rest, the remaining eight teams compete in the quarterfinals on Friday. The winners of the second-round matchups face off against each other for a chance to move on to the semifinals. The atmosphere is electric as teams fight for their spot in the final four.

Semifinals (Saturday)

Only four teams remain as the semifinals take place on Saturday. The winners of the quarterfinals matchups battle it out for a spot in the championship game. The intensity and pressure are at an all-time high as teams vie for the opportunity to play in the title game.

Championship Game (Sunday)

The moment everyone has been waiting for arrives on Sunday with the championship game. The two best teams in the tournament face each other in an epic showdown. It’s a battle for the Big Ten title and an automatic bid to the NCAA Tournament. The atmosphere is electric, and the stakes are sky-high.

Scores and Highlights

Throughout the tournament, there are bound to be memorable moments, incredible performances, and exciting games. Fans can expect to witness amazing dunks, clutch shots, and intense defensive battles. The scores below showcase the outcomes of each round leading up to the championship game.

First Round Results

– Game 1: (5) Team A defeats (12) Team B, 75-62
– Game 2: (6) Team C defeats (11) Team D, 68-66
– Game 3: (7) Team E defeats (10) Team F, 81-77
– Game 4: (8) Team G defeats (9) Team H, 71-68

Second Round Results

– Game 5: (1) Team W defeats (8) Team G, 83-72
– Game 6: (2) Team X defeats (7) Team E, 89-83
– Game 7: (3) Team Y defeats (6) Team C, 76-74
– Game 8: (4) Team Z defeats (5) Team A, 80-77

Quarterfinal Results

– Game 9: (1) Team W defeats (4) Team Z, 87-81
– Game 10: (2) Team X defeats (3) Team Y, 92-89
– Game 11: (5) Team A defeats (8) Team G, 68-63
– Game 12: (6) Team C defeats (7) Team E, 75-72

Semifinal Results

– Game 13: (1) Team W defeats (5) Team A, 81-79 in overtime
– Game 14: (2) Team X defeats (6) Team C, 90-85

Championship Game Results

– Game 15: (2) Team X defeats (1) Team W, 84-80


The 2024 Big Ten Tournament promises to be an exciting event, filled with intense matchups and captivating basketball. With a bracket featuring top teams from the conference, fans can expect to witness thrilling games and memorable moments. As the tournament progresses, the stakes will get higher, leading to a highly-anticipated championship game. Each game will determine which team deserves the prestigious Big Ten title and an automatic berth to the NCAA Tournament. Get ready for an action-packed tournament that will keep you on the edge of your seat!


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