More than 60 bus driver vacancies remain within school district

More than 60 bus driver vacancies remain within school district

FORT MYERS, Fla. — The Lee County School district is trying to fill more than 60 bus driver vacancies before the new school year starts in five weeks.

On Wednesday, the executive director of transportation, Roger Loyd, will hold a meeting to inform the public about the possible impacts coming if drivers aren’t hired now.

The school district says they have 69 bus driver open positions right now and they’re expecting that number to climb to 100 by the end of the summer.

The first day of school is Aug. 10.

The district says if they’re going to have drivers trained and ready to go by that date, they need to hire drivers now.

In today’s meeting they’re hoping to encourage the public to fill the need. They’ll be highlighting some of the rewards and benefits of becoming a bus driver.

The district recently raised the starting salary for bus drivers to $17.50 an hour, which is the third-highest rate in the state of Florida, according to the district.

They’ve also included bonuses that some drivers may be eligible for.

This is all in efforts to prevent some of the shortages they had last year, which caused delays in getting kids to school, some kids were not getting picked up on some days.

That’s because the school district started the school year 100 drivers short.

On top of that COVID caused staff shortages.

For a full list of of qualifications needed to become a bus driver or to apply to an open position you can visit

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