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Mtn Dew’s New ‘Summer Freeze’ Flavor Is Bubbling With Nostalgia

mtn dew summer freeze 644bd2d73d733.jpg
mtn dew summer freeze 644bd2d73d733.jpg

Mountain Dew has launched a new limited-time flavor called “Summer Freeze” that is stirring up feelings of nostalgia. The new flavor is a blend of the original citrusy Mountain Dew flavor with a splash of blue raspberry that gives it a unique icy twist. Mountain Dew has always been associated with summers in America, and this new flavor is set to take those memories to the next level. With Summer Freeze, you can sip on your favorite memories while savoring the cool, refreshing taste.


If you ever reminisce about drinking ice-cold sodas on hot summer afternoons, be prepared for your nostalgic memories to come flooding back with Mountain Dew’s new ‘Summer Freeze’ flavor. The popular soda brand has introduced the new flavor, and it is already gaining traction among soda enthusiasts across the country.

A Trip Down Memory Lane

For many Americans, summer evokes memories of sweet, refreshing drinks on warm days. Mountain Dew’s ‘Summer Freeze’ flavor takes us back to those carefree childhood afternoons spent sipping soda in the backyard with friends. The taste is reminiscent of the classic citrus taste that has made Mtn Dew famous – with a twist.

The ‘Summer Freeze’ flavor is unique in that it is not just a citrus soda. It is a combination of Mountain Dew’s classic citrus soda flavor with a refreshing lemon-lime twist. The result is an effervescent drink that perfectly captures the essence of summer.

A Palate Pleaser

Mountain Dew is known for its bold, sometimes polarizing flavor profiles. ‘Summer Freeze’ is no different. The sweetness of the lemon-lime flavor dances on your tongue and is followed by a signature Mountain Dew aftertaste that is sure to please fans of the brand.

Mtn Dew’s ‘Summer Freeze’ is a welcome addition to the brand’s diverse beverage selection. Unlike many limited-run flavors, this one offers the perfect balance of sweetness and tartness that makes it a crowd-pleaser among soda enthusiasts. Plus, the drink is caffeine-free, so you can enjoy it without worrying about the jitters that caffeine can bring.

Fun in the Sun

Fear not, ‘Summer Freeze’ is not just another beverage flavor. With summertime upon us, Mountain Dew’s newest addition is the perfect thirst quencher for all your outdoor adventures. Whether you are lounging by the pool, enjoying a barbecue with friends, or hitting the beach, ‘Summer Freeze’ is the perfect drink to keep you cool, refreshed, and energized.

Additionally, Mountain Dew has also launched a ‘Summer Fan Camp’ promotion to coincide with the new drink. Fans can enter to win a trip to a secret fan camp location, where they’ll have the opportunity to meet other Dew enthusiasts, participate in camp activities, and, of course, drink plenty of Summer Freeze.


All in all, Mtn Dew’s ‘Summer Freeze’ flavor is a welcome addition to the brand’s family of flavors. The perfect balance of lemon-lime sweetness and Mountain Dew’s signature citrus taste is a refreshing reminder of childhood summers and carefree times. Whether you’re a die-hard Dew fan or just looking for a new summertime favorite, ‘Summer Freeze’ is a must-try.

So, grab a few friends, a cooler full of ice-cold ‘Summer Freeze’ soda, and enjoy the sunshine. Summer is here, and Mountain Dew’s got you covered.


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