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Naples Pride Fest application vote expected Wednesday

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Naples is gearing up for a momentous occasion this Wednesday. The City Council is expected to vote on the application for the Naples Pride Fest, a celebration of the LGBTQ+ community. This historic event will be the first of its kind in the city and is sure to bring a wave of excitement and diversity to the area. If approved, the festival will be held in June and will be a celebration of acceptance, inclusivity, and love.

Naples Pride Fest Application Vote Expected Wednesday

The Naples City Council is expected to vote Wednesday, October 21st on an application submitted by the Naples Pride Fest for a special event permit. The application was filed earlier this month, and if approved, would allow the Naples Pride Fest to host a two-day celebration of the LGBTQ+ community in the city.


The Naples Pride Fest has been held annually since 2016. It is the largest Pride event in Southwest Florida, and has grown significantly in size and scope over the years. Last year’s event drew over 10,000 people and included a parade, entertainment, and vendors from across the region.

The event has been held in various locations in the city, including Cambier Park, Fifth Avenue South, and the Naples Pier. This year, the event was scheduled to be held at the Naples Botanical Garden, but the application was denied by the Garden’s Board of Directors.


In response, the Naples Pride Fest submitted an application for a special event permit to the City Council. The application includes a detailed plan for the event, including the date, location, and expected number of attendees. It also outlines the event’s security and safety protocols, as well as its noise and traffic management plans.

The application notes that the event will be held on November 7th and 8th, and will include a parade, entertainment, vendors, and food trucks. The proposed location is Cambier Park, which is located in the heart of downtown Naples. The event is expected to draw over 10,000 people.

Community Support

The application has been met with overwhelming support from the local community. Dozens of people have written letters of support to the City Council, and many local businesses have expressed their willingness to help fund the event.

The Naples Pride Fest has also been endorsed by several local and state officials, including Governor Ron DeSantis and Naples Mayor Bill Barnett. Both have expressed their support for the event and their belief that it will be a positive force for the community.

Vote Expected Wednesday

The City Council is expected to vote on the application Wednesday, October 21st. If approved, the Naples Pride Fest will be able to move forward with its plans for a two-day celebration of the LGBTQ+ community in the city.

The event is a powerful symbol of acceptance and inclusion, and its approval would be a major step forward for the Naples community. Regardless of the outcome of the vote, the Naples Pride Fest is determined to continue its mission of celebrating diversity and creating a safe space for all people.


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