Naples Zoo releases cause of death of Eko the tiger

Naples Zoo releases cause of death of Eko the tiger

NAPLES, Fla. — Officials released the necropsy results for Eko, the rare Malayan tiger that was shot at the Naples Zoo after he latched on to a cleaning worker who stuck his arm in the tiger’s enclosure.

Eko’s cause of death was identified as internal bleeding, according to Naples Zoo staff veterinarian Dr. Kelsie Stovall, who performed the necropsy.

Stovall said that due to the severity of Eko’s injuries after he was shot, Eko died quickly.

According to the necropsy, the bullet fired by a Collier County deputy was traced from Eko’s left shoulder through the thoracic wall and into the great vessels at the base of his heart.

“Multiple vessels were severely lacerated, leading to significant internal bleeding within the thorax and the pericardium,” Stovall noted.

A conservation fund was stated by the zoo to honor Eko. All of the proceeds go towards the Wildlife Conservation Society.

“Naples Zoo is continuing to ask for respect for their staff as they continue to work through this tragedy,” officials said on Tuesday.

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