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NBC Sports Bay Area & California: Ravens Compel 49ers Quarterback Brock Purdy to Endure Career-Worst Performance

How Ravens forced 49ers QB Brock Purdy into NFL career-worst game

The San Francisco 49ers hoped their young quarterback Brock Purdy would shine in the highly anticipated clash against the Baltimore Ravens. However, the Ravens had other plans. In what turned out to be a disastrous outing for Purdy, the Ravens’ relentless defense forced him into his NFL career-worst game. Let’s take a closer look at how the Ravens managed to stifle Purdy and exploit his weaknesses.

The Ravens’ Defensive Strategy

The Ravens’ defensive coordinator devised a game plan that targeted Purdy’s weaknesses. They knew he struggled against blitz-heavy defenses, so they brought constant pressure, overwhelming the 49ers’ offensive line and disrupting Purdy’s rhythm, preventing him from making accurate throws.

Additionally, the Ravens focused on shutting down the 49ers’ run game, forcing Purdy to carry the offensive load. Without the threat of a balanced attack, the Ravens could unleash a relentless pass rush, constantly pressuring and sacking Purdy throughout the game.

Purdy’s Struggles under Pressure

Under immense pressure, Purdy struggled to make quick decisions and read the Ravens’ complex defensive schemes. He often held onto the ball for too long, allowing the Ravens’ pass rushers to close in on him. This led to numerous sacks and disrupted passing attempts.

Furthermore, Purdy’s inability to handle the Ravens’ blitz packages resulted in multiple errant throws. He often forced passes into coverage, leading to interceptions that further swung the momentum in the Ravens’ favor. The Ravens’ defense successfully exploited Purdy’s lack of experience and composure under pressure.

The Ravens’ Dominance in the Trenches

One of the key factors in the Ravens’ success was their dominance in the trenches. Their defensive line consistently overpowered the 49ers’ offensive line, collapsing the pocket and limiting Purdy’s time to make decisions. This disrupted the timing of the 49ers’ passing game and caused Purdy to frequently throw off-balance and under duress.

In addition, the Ravens’ linebackers were adept at reading the 49ers’ offensive plays and exploiting any weaknesses. They effectively shut down passing lanes and quickly closed gaps to contain Purdy’s scrambling ability. This forced Purdy to rely solely on his arm, which proved to be a significant disadvantage against the Ravens’ talented and opportunistic secondary.

Poor Offensive Adjustments

Despite the mounting pressure and constant struggles, the 49ers’ coaching staff failed to make effective offensive adjustments. They did not provide Purdy with additional protection or employ quick-release passes to counter the Ravens’ aggressive defense. This lack of adaptability allowed the Ravens to maintain their dominance and continued to exploit Purdy’s weaknesses throughout the game.

Purdy’s Need for Development

While the Ravens’ defensive performance undoubtedly played a significant role, Purdy’s struggles also highlight his need for further development. As a young quarterback, he still has much to learn, particularly in handling pressure and making quick decisions. This game serves as a valuable learning experience for Purdy, who must work on developing his ability to read defenses and adjust accordingly.


In the highly anticipated matchup against the Baltimore Ravens, the San Francisco 49ers’ young quarterback, Brock Purdy, experienced a career-worst performance. The Ravens’ relentless defense exploited Purdy’s weaknesses, constantly pressuring and sacking him, leading to disrupted passing attempts and interceptions. Purdy’s struggles under pressure and the 49ers’ inability to adjust offensively contributed to his downfall. However, this game also highlighted the need for Purdy’s further development as a quarterback. With the right guidance and experience, he has the potential to bounce back from this setback and grow into a formidable NFL quarterback.


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